Lil’ Kim All Narked Off About Notorious BIG Movie

There’s a new new movie about Lil’ Kim out – it’s not called The Lil’ Kim Movie or anything, though. That’d be the kiss of death, surely.

No, instead the movie’s called Notorious, and it’s either about the Duran Duran song, the Alfred Hitchcock film, dead rapper Notorious BIG or the notorious Anglo-American wife murderer Dr Crippen. At a guess, we’d say it was about the dead rapper. We should research more, sorry.

Anyway, despite being a major character in the movie, Lil’ Kim is refusing to see Notorious. We think it’s probably because she’s played by Verne Troyer in blackface.

There’s a law stating that if you’re a) in the music industry and b) dead, then someone has to make a movie about you. It’s why Ray Charles got a movie, Johnny Cash got a movie and Etta James got a movie, and the reason why up to 15 different competing producers are actively willing Cliff Richard to fall down a concrete staircase.

But, more relevantly, it’s also why there’s a Notorious BIG biopic rattling our way. Notorious is basically the heartwarming story of Biggie Smalls, the lovable rapper whose life was a non-stop rollercoaster of drug-dealing, fan-beating and being shot four times in the chest until he died. It’s Eight Mile, in essence, but you don’t get to see Kim Basinger‘s bottom and the ending’s a bit bleaker.

That’s not why people will go to see Notorious, though – they’ll see it because, as well as being the story of Notorious BIG, it’s also the story of all his old chums. Puff Daddy‘s there, Faith Evans is there, Tupac Shakur is there – and there’s even a slot for dear old Suge Knight, after an actor was found who could convincingly drive a car while repeatedly punching a woman in the head. Allegedly.

And, of course, one of the major characters in Notorious is Lil’ Kim, the tiny rapper who had a love affair with Notorious BIG, then allegedly had his baby aborted and then went on to ultimately not release as many albums as a handful of presumably deaf people wanted.

Lil’ Kim’s probably aware that Notorious exists, but it looks as though she doesn’t want anything to do with it – she’s refusing to see it and, as the New York Daily News reports, she didn’t even help the actress playing her with the part:

Naturi Naughton, who plays Kim in ?Notorious,? didn?t even meet her subject before delving into the role… ?I don?t know. I tried to reach out to her. I think there was some conflict. I?m not sure.? Faith Evans, who was married to Biggie, told us, ?I don?t know what [Kim] wanted. But we all signed the same agreement to be portrayed in the movie.?

Perhaps Lil’ Kim is just being grouchy because she’s holding out for a movie of her own instead of just being a supporting character in films about her boyfriend. If that’s the case, she’s probably in for a long wait – if any movie producers wanted to make a biopic about a diminutive female rapper, they’d surely want to make a Foxy Brown movie instead. And we’d go and see that, by the way – but only so long as all the brutal violence contained in the movie was sped up and accompanied by Yakkety Sax. That would be a dealbreaker.

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  1. me says

    I think a lil kim movie would actually be good! Her rise to fame, going to jail, getting into it with foxy brown, 50 cent, diddy, faith etc etc. Her being sued for all kinds of things, plastic surgery and so on and so on.

  2. says

    lil kim’s life is not that interesting unless she makes it interesting
    on the other hand foxy’s life just can’t help but but be interesting
    as far as going to see any of these movies, made or talked about or in theaters,
    would not happen because I’m sick of glorified violence in hip-hop
    it’s a bunch of talentless, not living to the fullest, never been out of the hood people who created da violence in hip hop because they had nothing else to rhyme about. Most of them are making up their gangster lifestyles and/or deliberately seek that lifestyle just so they can have something to rhyme about
    It’s 2009 we need to wake up.
    I’m not knocking anything even though my comments might reflect otherwise, I’m really not knocking
    Having said all, that I have to be honest,
    I’d be the first one in line to see a FOXY BROWN movie

    peace, love, and a better economy

  3. Julian Mentat says

    Hip-hop is wonderful because it gives people who cannot sing or play instruments, a chance to succeed in the music business.

    The logical next step is, music by people who don’t make any sound at all. They will just appear in videos looking cool.

  4. Gilbert Wham says

    So is the middle-class white version of that chiptune? That would make some kind of sense.

  5. tady says

    mad props 2 lil kim..a girl holding it down in the prominently dominated mans world of rap..continue 2 do yo thang..

  6. Johnson says

    When reading this I said to myself. Clearly not someone that has had any significant exposure of interest in the hip hop culture. Your comments on lil Kim are disrespectful and she was much more successful than your article trys to imply. Its sad that people have the ability to place such ingnorant statements on such public forums. This movie does not glorify violence in hip hop.It tells this mans story and violence happens to be a part of it….

  7. mscott35 says

    Lil Kim should have held out… This movie portrayed as a whore and not as the muse she was for B.I.G. I walked out of that shit and thought I could do way better than they did teaching my children about one of the greatest rappers to ever bless the MIC.

    I would I would also like to apologize to Mrs. Wallace and her grandchildren for the horrible sex scenes and the whack story line! I love BIG, but I could not stand to even see the end…

    Thank God I know the real story… I am a Vegas boy and I know if PAC was portrayed like that I would freak on the PRODUCER! One!

  8. mz718 says

    the movie is really misleading, they show a guy with a red suit on. like from the vh1 speacial, the police officer who may have had something to do with bigs death. why would they show that if they dont know that to be a fact???? who wrote this movie???

  9. bob says

    Everytime I heard Biggie all I could think of is a sweaty, smelly, fat guy that has to stop every third step to breath. Bringing a grocery bag full of food for lunch everyday. Then spends 2 out of 8 hours in the restroom leaving candy wrappers around the towelette. He was nasty. And lil’ kim is a total whore.

  10. says

    Yall hatin KIM. But its sad cus if they gave yall one side of a story. Kim held hers down for Biggie and Junior Mafia. And she aint get no credit. These mufukas make a movie and degrade her. Sad Case. If yall think Mrs Wallace ugly ass and Faith Dope head havin 3 baby fathers ass is tellin u the real. Yall mids well go hit that shit with them.

  11. says

    I personally thought they made lil kim look like a jealous whore in the movie. I don’t ever remember anyone saying she ws jealous of faith cuz she married biggi. as far as her not having success, she did. shes still very successful. I ca see why he wanted nothing to do with it. she wasn’t portrayed the right way. maybe faith lil kim and diddy should have all made sure that the writers had the facts straight before they signed the right for someone to act as them.BIG mistake. as far as the storyline.. it can be really confusing to people who don’t know the real story. it took me a while to get into it. they cud have done bettr.