Lena Dunham Is In Vogue And People Are Losing Their Shit

LenaDunhamVogueFor months it was rumored that Lena Dunham, the current face of the “real women” movement, was going to be on the cover of Vogue.? There was a lot of speculation on how her cover would look, considering the magazine is known for only featuring chicks with massive ITG (Inner Thigh Gap) that pass Anna Wintour’s scowl puss test.

Now the magazine is out and people are divided on how they feel.? Some are screaming “This is bullshit!” because of the Photoshop used, while others are wondering what the hell the first group expected considering even TV Guide does a little blur and liquify on their soap stars.

Lena Dunham stars on Girls where she gets naked a ton and talks too much about nonsensical shit.? She has also become the latest go-to for feminist chicks everywhere when they want to show off?famous “real” women.? She has some meat on her bones, some dimple in her thighs, and she doesn’t conform to the traditional Hollywood standard of beauty.? So when it started going around that she might grace the cover of the snootiest magazine around, people started talking.? Would Vogue really allow someone who wears pants with a size in the double digits and isn’t afraid to eat some Taco Bell at 3 am just ’cause?star in their publication?

Just last week, some reporter was a total dickwad and asked Lena why she lets her titties fly free all the time in her show, implying that she isn’t hot enough to be doing that kind of shit, so he “doesn’t get it.”? Dunham gave him a total verbal smack down.

?It?s because it?s a realistic expression of what it?s like to be alive, I think, and I totally get it.? If you are not into me, that?s your problem, and you are going to have to kind of work that out with whatever professionals you?ve hired.?

Mic drop.

So now, just a week later, Vogue releases its magazine, and right away some people are continuing the dickwad fest.? Immediately, some people were wondering now if, but how much Photoshop was done to Lena.? Jezebel went a step beyond just speculation and actually offered $10,000 to anyone who could produce the unaltered images from the shoot.? They claimed it was in the name of exposing Vogue’s hypocriticalness, but it really just came off like they were being SUPER assholes.

Everyone knows Photoshop exists and is used on even the most beautiful people in the world.? No one who is paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to someone to stand and pose is going to print a pimple or a fat crease in the neck.? Just not going to fucking happen.? But you don’t see big ass bounties being produced to see Jennifer Lawrence looking?like the before shot of a Proactiv commercial.

But some shitty ass assistant to an assistant really wanted the dough and sent the pictures requested.? So Jezebel did a little GIF-action to show everyone how much work was NOT really done.


Really?? 10 grand for that?? She got a little modesty added and a little morning after hooker under the eye removed.? Nothing major.

Dunham couldn’t care less about the hoopla though, and Tweeted this after she heard about the bounty.

Then Lena went and did a longer interview, saying that Vogue is a fashion magazine, and no one looks at it as factual.? She also said she is proud of all the pictures, had a great time shooting, and that if you want to see her body in all its imperfect glory that you can watch her show.?? Jezebel couldn’t take a piece of humble pie and see anything wrong in what they did, so they instead decided to tear apart her response as well.

Look, I get it- the beauty/celebrity industry is fucked up.? It gives unattainable goals to girls and promotes bad self esteem, I agree.? But offering a down payment on a home just to what?? Humiliate someone?? We all know Dunham doesn’t have a swan neck, she knows she doesn’t have?a swan neck.? Jezebel could have just requested the before shots if they really wanted to prove some point, but to throw in a bounty was just overkill.??It was offensive, because you don’t see fucking money being thrown at people for unedited shots of every other celebrity.? It seemed very pointed at the “ugly duckling” which Lena is not and doesn’t need to be treated as such.

I would much rather have seen Jezebel take that money and donate it to a worthy cause, like banning the Kardashians from television or Justin Beiber from the United States.? This just reeked of hypocrisy and?getting higher internet hits. Shame shame.

PS- Lena, you looked absolutely stunning in both sets of pictures.