Leighton Meester and Adam Brody Got Their Teenage Dream Asses Married

cwloveThey were a couple made in CW heaven, and now Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) and Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) are married. The two former mediocre teen drama stars have been friends for years (people in their mid-20’s bond over playing teens) and started dating about a year ago. They got engaged in November 2013, so they moved really quick with this whole thing. But what everyone really wants to know is if Chuck Bass showed up and shouted “I object!”

Leighton is totally a New York version of Summer Roberts (aka better dressed and paler) so I totally get Adam’s desire to wife that shit up. I’m going to keep referring to the two of them as their teenage characters because, let’s be real, neither ?of them has done anything else of real significance.

Seth and Blair met back in 2011 when they starred in that movie that no one saw, The Oranges, and went on to become the cutest crossover teen drama couple in history. The two have basically never commented on their relationship, never confirmed their engagement, and will probably never discuss their marriage, which sucks for nosey ass people like me who obsess over celebrity culture so much that they’ve started to have dreams that they were a Kardashian sister (last night I had a dream that me, Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney–my name is Krysta so it makes total sense–went on a moonlight jog to talk about sister things. Totally normal).

Their wedding was so top secret that gossip girl herself would be like WTF?!

Also, props to Adam Brody for wifing Leighton up so quickly after proposing. His ex, Rachel Bilson, has been engaged to mega babe, Hayden Christensen, for like a million years and I’m starting to think that wedding is never going to happen. Stop dragging your heels, Christensen!

Anyway, I’m actually really happy for these two. They’re both super adorable and they both starred in shows I’m ashamed to admit I’ve seen every single episode of, so let’s hope that these crazy kids live a good, long, happy life together, and that Leighton never ever tries to make a music career happen again (random, but I feel that way).