Lady Gaga’s Charity Doesn’t Do A Whole Lot Of Charity

Lady GagaPart of Lady Gaga’s whole shtick, besides the “I am avant-garde not a total fucking psycho” bit, is helping others.? Especially others that struggle because they aren’t accepted for being who they are.? She has millions of “Little Monsters” who have credited Gaga with helping them be comfortable in their own skin, no matter how freaking weird.

Gaga runs a big ol charity organization called the Born This Way Foundation, which is supposed to be her vessel in helping others.? Except, the financial records for 2012 have been revealed and it seems the only people helped by the foundation are a shit ton of lawyers and a few desk jockeys.

Tons of charity organizations actually don’t do all that much charity.? A lot of times the only people really benefitting are the higher ups who make over 100K a year to sit on their ass and seem philanthropic.? It is looking like Lady Gaga may be more about appearing like a do gooder, than actually being a do gooder.?? I know what you’re thinking, “A celebrity who doesn’t actually care about people but just pretends to for the press?!? Never!”? Try not to die of shock.

So Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation?claims its goal is to?”foster a more accepting society, where differences are embraced and individuality is celebrated.?? But I guess the foundation itself doesn’t intend of actually making any differences themselves, since most of their money went to helping themselves and not some poor emo ridden teen who just wants everyone to accept his desire to wear raw meat blood on his face and a glitter tutu as a shirt.? The foundation brought in 2.6 million dollars in donations, and managed to blow most of that on everything besides celebrating differences.

Here’s a breakdown on where all their money from unsuspecting?shmucks went-

$406,552 ? legal fees
$300,000 ? strategic development
$348,00 ? bus tour productions
$150,000 ? philanthropic consulting
?$77,923 ? travel
$60,000 ? research
$58,678 ? publicity
$50,000 ? social media development
$47,825 ? meeting and event coordination
$5,000 ? grants to organizations or individuals

Like Lady Gaga really needed to spend almost $60,000 on publicity.? Bitch is a walking billboard of fame whoring.? And social media development?? Last I checked, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are singing “I’m a free bitch, baby!”

Only $5,000 was actually granted to someone deserving of a little love, help, and rent money.? One of Lady Gaga’s dumbass costumes cost more than 5 grand, so it’s nice to see where their priorities lie.? Of course, a spokesman for the foundation wouldn’t admit to blowing at being a charitable organization.? Instead, he tried to claim that helping people financially is totally not in their job description.

?Every dollar spent across these categories, including the legal fees towards the safe and effective implementation of each initiative, directly serves the Born This Way Foundation?s core mission of empowering youth.?

Yes.? Spending tons of money making Lady?Gaga more famous totally empowers dirt poor commoners.? How foolish of us.? Go on with your bad self, Gaga.