Lady Gaga And R Kelly Have Created ‘Blurred Lines’ 2.0

lady gaga and r kellySomeone better tell Robin Thicke to budge up on the ‘Rapey Music Video’ Express to Has-Been City , because Lady Gaga and R Kelly have bought a family ticket and are getting ready to climb aboard.

Lurking in that section of your brain that gives you material to wake up in a cold sweat about at 3am, you might have a vague memory of R Kelly and Lady Gaga grinding on top of each other and singing “Do What U Want” on SNL. You know the one where R Kelly pretends to be the president, Gaga pretends to be his secretary, and they both try to pretend that he wasn’t accused of peeing on underage girls? Much like 50% of the artists involved (ALLEGEDLY), the video has leaked everywhere and it’s turning people’s stomachs.

The video was put on ice in December, with Gaga citing some boring and vague excuse about bad management and people betraying her trust. Which was vaguely believable until you find out that it was directed by another (alleged) notorious perv Terry Richardson. No video directed by a man who voluntarily calls himself Uncle Terry will have bad management as it’s main problem. I’m sure your imagination is running wild with all the possibilities so let’s get down to the nauseating truth.

This clip was leaked recently, but according to Page Six, the full version sees R Kelly playing doctor to Gaga. Gaga asks him if she’ll ever walk again (a real subtle nod to her hip operation) and he replies “Yes, if you let me do whatever I want with your body”. Skin crawling yet? Tough, because R Kelly also charmingly tells his patient:

“I’m putting you under, and when you wake up, you’re going to be pregnant.”

If this guy never gets laid again, it will be too soon.

For all the crazy Gaga gives off, her and her team reportedly realized that a video directed by an alleged sexual predator, and starring a different alleged (that word’s cropping up a lot in this post) sexual predator that drugs a girl and sings that he’ll “do what [he] wants with [her] body” won’t go down well with the general public.

It also doesn’t help that the video was due to be released around the same time as an article about R Kelly’s sexual assault claims, and a petition to finally end Terry Richardson’s career. We covered the whole ‘Terry Richardson’s disgusting’ thing ?here.


No one’s commented on any of this mess yet, but even O.J Simpson’s lawyers would struggle to come up with an excuse for this hot mess. Cut the cord, Gaga, and stop associating with people that ALLEGEDLY can’t take ‘No’ for an answer.

If I never use the word ‘allegedly’ again, it will be too soon.