Lady Gaga Has Never Looked Better

Lady Gaga Is Masking HerselfNYC fashion week is immensely over-hyped and pretentious, much like Lady Gaga herself.

So naturally while visiting her hometown for the event, she left her apartment wearing what appeared to be nurse scrubs made of rubber, towering stripper heels and a knitted gray mask. Although I must admit her face has never looked so radiant.

The mother monster is out of ideas, and this ensemble is just further proof. Just slapping ugly, dashing, avant-garde designer pieces together does not equate artistic genius. Although an added perk of that outfit is that you can lose control of all bodily functions and simply rinse it with water at the end of the night.  It’s called asylum chic and it’s so Fall 2013.

Though to state that Lady Gaga is out of ideas suggest that she had any to begin with, well at least any of her own. Nearly everything Gaga does is an appropriation of artists before her. For instance, the mask she is wearing is a nod to renowned club kid, Leigh Bowery. Who unlike Gaga, was a true performance artist and night club sensation in the 80’s and early 90’s.

leighady gaga


In her recent performance on Good Morning America, she acted out an “elementary school recital” worthy rendition of the Wizard of Oz . Oh Gaga you are already a gay icon! Stop trying to be THE best gay icon, Judy Garland.

Her Album, ARTPOP (more like ARTPOOP) comes out November 11th, and her recent tweets reveal her as pompous and “arty” as ever. “To make ARTPOP there must be an exchange between two auras: one from the sphere of ART, and the other from the sphere of POP.”

I went to an art school, and this is the classic dribble that one says while explaining the “meaning” behind their shitty artwork during class critique.

She might be reductive and pretentious as hell, but I’ll still get drunk and dance to her album. Goddammit Gaga. You win after all.


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