Lady Gaga Shows Off Incredible Half-Naked Body Covered With Delicious Cake

Lady GagaLady Gaga has shared two artsy (read: soft-core porn-y)?clips for her video “Cake,” shot by fashion photographer Terry Richardson. The first, made public last week, shows Gaga getting spanked?by two women in a hot tub and then dancing?pants-less in front of a mirrored wall, while a weird male voice repeats “Cake like Gaga.”

The second clip, released a few days later with the same vocals, shows Gaga getting her rocks off with an enormous cake and then?booty-popping in a hot tub wearing just a thong.

The clips, which are apparently intended to look like home videos, also both have screens that?say: “TERRY RICHARDSON XX LADY GAGA” … so maybe it will be?full-on porn … I suspect that would make a decent amount of money. With?the first clip, Gaga tweeted suggestively: “surprise for you, almost ready for you to TASTE.” Then, returning to her usual?pedantic high horse: “The real CAKE isn’t HAVING what you want, It’s DOING what you want.”

Personally, I’m uncertain about the cake thing. I worry that it will result in?some unpleasant infections. Also, someone probably spent a lot of time baking that bitch, only for Gaga go buck wild on it. Miley Cyrus was?also recently featured in a video?in which cake was used as some kid of weird sex prop. Perhaps I’m missing the imagery, but I just see a lot of wasted deliciousness.

The song itself is the result of a contest begun by?one of the producers of Gaga’s Born This Way album, DJ White Shadow. He tweeted:

“I just made this TRAP shit, so I am going to put it on my soundcloud. Then I am going to give everyone a couple hrs to make a song… You send it back to me and I will put the best one back out for everyone to hear… What do you think?…You take your computer and rap into it, and I will put out the best one! You all have garage band no? Me and @TaraSavelo are going to judge. … Extra bonus points for whoever writes a song about @ladygaga.”

Evidently the bizarre droning “Cake like Gaga” was the winner. It isn’t clear if “Cake” will be included on Gaga’s next album, ARTPOP due in 2013, or when the full video will be released. One thing is certain though: Lady Gaga does go all out. And, while her recent paparazzi photos have looked really rough, her highly publicized weight gain actually looks pretty hot in these clips.

Lady Gaga Cake clip


  1. Mike N says

    Disgusting, wow this is what we have for talent now? Between her and just in weiner, music talent is forever scared. Anyone remember when every band member on stage had real talent. They did not have to lip snyc, be disgusting or have 20 fools jumping around to appear talented?