Lady Gaga Casually Parades Her Vagina In Stupid Artsy Fartsy Video

Lady Gaga AbromovicIt’s just another Thursday for Lady Gaga who appeared butt naked in a Kickstarter video promoting the Marina Abramovic Method aaaand that?s enough WTF news for the day year.

The 2.19 minute video is roughly 2.19 minutes too long and sees Lady Gaga blindfolded and naked in the middle of the woods with her body contorted in various positions. She also lies in the nude on the floor clutching a huge crystal against her body. Other disturbing images which you won?t be able to un-see include her wearing some sort of yellow spiked glasses standing in a river dressed in a jumpsuit. Tamer aspects of the video show her covered in crystals. Oh and all of this takes place against a background chant of ?EHHHHHH?? as you do.

Money raised from the Kickstarter campaign will create a Marina Abramovic Institute. I know, it?s just what your life was missing and totally the first thing you?ll be spending your minimum wage pay packet on. The kickstarter video aims to raise $600,000 and has currently reached over $249,000 of the goal. The project will only be funded if it reaches its target by Aug 25th.

Lady Gaga nude crystal

Marina instructed Lady Gaga on the Abramovic method during a three day retreat in upstate New York. The method consists of various exercises which are designed to heighten the participants awareness of their physical and mental awareness in the present moment. I?m not sure how much it?ll cost to be a member or why the exercises require you to be in the nude but if it doesn’t turn out to be some brainwashing type thing then in the age of Xanax and Valium, learning to get in touch with your inner self drug free doesn’t sound like the absolute worst thing ever. Just super weird.

For more insufferable art, check out Lady Gaga reading Stanislaw Lem?s ?Solaris? in further promotion for the Abramovic Institute.


  1. Yohji says

    “The 2.19 minute video is roughly 2.19 minutes too long”
    Wow, what a profound introduction to your in-depth analysis of this “artsy fartsy” video.

  2. A. Glamdoll says

    Well, that should very well dispel rumors that she’s been hiding an “extra-appendage” of the masculine sort.
    That video is extremely annoying.

  3. Stacey says

    It is just chanting/breathing and some crystals. Basically vocal meditation and some props. Nothing new. You can go to any city and find somewhere to meditate. Why this particular method is special? No idea, probably should ask Gaga. I must say though getting someone super famous to endorse your ‘method’ is marketing genius.