Kristen Stewart Without Makeup

Kristen Stewart hot

Actress Kristen Stewart received international fame once she starred as love struck teen Bella Swan in the Twilight franchise. Whilst not short of worshiping fans, her off screen perception was that of a miserable cow and meant that co-star Robert Pattinson was the one fans begged to be bitten by. Probably a blessing then?

Kristen Stewart is a tabloid favorite. Interest in her real life on-off romance with Robert Pattinson reached feverish heights and left a grumpy faced Kristen being constantly followed by the paps. Her career continued to fare well post Twilight with Snow White and the Huntsmen becoming a box office hit. Kristen?s fashion sense is far from girly as she prefers plain white tee?s, casual jeans and converse. Something tells me that she?d sooner eat her own vomit than be caught in a frilly sun dress. It?s not surprising that she is usually bare faced. Kristen Stewart without makeup looks fresh.

Kristen Stewart without makeup

Her face really is a flawless blank canvas. By day she is au naturel with smooth, non blemished skin. By night, when at an event, she is completely transformed from a casual plain Jane to transfixing young figure. Her eyes are often piled with accentuating smoky black or metallic eye shadows, helping her green eyes to pop. Her skin is never caked in war paint, instead opting for lightly brushed rouge cheeks. The only leap in image when bare faced are her eyes being less dramatic.

The photo below is a prime example of Kristen’s eyes looking alluring without being dramatic thanks to being a wonderful light green shade. They are almond shaped and look quite puffy when bare, which is never the case on the red carpet. The change in Kristen?s product enhanced image is more exciting than Bella?s change from whiny human to boring vampire in Twilight. Kristen switches from looking like a youngster who you would feel wrong for fancying, to attractive woman in the stroke of a brush.

Kristen Stewart no makeup


  1. Erin ????????????????? says

    I think she is still pretty especially on the first pic wen she didn’t have makeup

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