Kris Jenner Without Makeup

Kris Jenner Looking Good

Kris Jenner is the mother of four Kardashians and two Jenners, married to legendary Olympic decathlete Bruce Jenner, a successful businesswoman, reality television star, and all-around one-woman horror show. I couldn?t possibly begin to describe the unpleasant qualities that are boastfully on display during her family?s seemingly endless stream of reality shows, most particularly by Kris herself. From a purely physical perspective, however, the family is undeniably gorgeous, including the matriarch.

Kris Jenner is 56 years old and, despite her numerous cosmetic surgeries, it shows. Even so, it is clear where her children get their good looks (and it ain?t her ex-husband). Her style is too gaudy and severe for me … too much big jewelry, too much makeup, and hair that?s a white stripe away from Cruella DeVil … but you can still see glimpses of her natural beauty shine through. While I wish she would tone down her usual style a little bit, Kris Jenner without makeup looks pretty rough.

Kris Jenner Without Makeup

The first photo, which is still shot from Keeping Up With The Kardashians, shows the matriarch is still in bed, in her jammies, with no makeup. Her upper lip is hideously swollen and it isn?t clear if she?s having an allergic reaction, if it?s lip-plumping gone bad, or if pathetic, hen-pecked Bruce got tired of her nonsense and belted her in the mouth.

I will say that it?s nice that someone so obsessed with outward appearances allows herself to be featured on national television looking so awful. She may not be happy about it, but she allows it, and it?s oddly reassuring to see evidence of a tiny bit of normalcy buried underneath her otherwise grotesque personality.

The second photo shows Ms. Jenner clean-faced on Mother?s Day of this year, looking delighted with the tacky yellow handbag that her children got for her. She?s still in her sweats, hanging out at home with her family, and she doesn?t look good ? but she does look genuinely happy.

Kris Jenner Without Makeup


  1. Toni says

    These pix prove that without her personal go everywhere with her and her trampy clan, her makeup artist can perform miracles! With money and the right crew of “helpers” ANY AND ALL women can look pretty all made up!!
    Here she looks like a plain, nothing housewife like many of us look every day!!!!!!! Pimpess momaget.

  2. Jacques says

    Look at yoursel krs. You like guys like that guy you are dating who are younger than you but you took a pass on me? Listen Ms. Jenner, taking into regard that your boyfriend isn’t an undercover cop I am a better looking, smarter, closer to your age and more cool of a guy. You have heard of me already, but you for some reason gave me a cold shoulder instead of an ugly duckling, stinky looking dude. Oh
    well, I guess it takes all types. Different strokes for different folks

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