Kirstie Allsop Photo in her Knickers

BigfatassShe’s probably the best dressed woman on TV, unless you consider Cat Deeley (DVDs) to be the font of all style and originally, but Channel 4 prperty woman Kirstie Allsop seems more keen to show us what’s underneath those expensive looking skirts and bright blue tights.

Oh, yes, bright blue.

"A newspaper recently had paparazzi photographs of me coming out of a health food shop with a winter coat on. They were saying ‘Ooh, has Kirstie put on weight?’"

This ‘Ooh, has Kirstie put on weight?‘ comment was enough justification for the timewarp femme fatale to decree a bra and knickers shot mandatory in clearing her name.

"I was sorely tempted to get my boyfriend to take a picture of me in my bra and knickers to send to them to do a readers poll."

You’ve got to wonder what Phil ‘the lisp’ Spencer (Books) made out of all this saucy underwear talk. Maybe it was Allsop’s brave attempt to keep him on board after a rumoured Spencer/Beany (books) crossover? Possibly not.

There are only two things for sure, really. One: that the general riffraff have about as much chance of seeing Kirstie Allsop in the nearly-buff as Rum and Resilin becoming Ben and Jerry’s (Books ) new ‘flavour of the month’.

Two, Kirstie is not fat. Not as fat as that sympathy vote bird on Strictly Dance Fever anyway. She’s a big girl, no denying that, but without sounding like everyone’s ‘bit of meat on her bones’ granddad, that’s Kirstie’s attraction.

Though with that figure there is a chance she’ll end up looking like Hyacinth Bouquet (DVDs) during her bus pass and wheeler basket years.

Never mind, at least she can keep the same wardrobe.

[story by Chris Laverty]