Kim Kardashian Posts Some Weird and Narcissistic Crap on Instagram


Ok, so I know that really isn’t much of a headline given the fact that Kim Kardashian posts some weird, narcissistic shit on Instagram basically every day, but recently she’s taken it to a whole new level.

Over the past few days, Kim has posted some pics, captions, and videos on Instagram that have convinced me that David Lynch is now in control of her Instagram because this is some Twin Peaks weird style shit.

So Kim was in Thailand and decided to take a few videos. And I don’t mean videos like you and I would take in Thailand (here’s me snorkelling, here’s me and some friends having a drunken singalong, here’s me eating something weird, here’s me talking to some child sex slaves), no, she posted videos like this:

What. The. Fuck. Is this one of those late night videos they show on FOX and a 1-900 number is going to come up soon? Is this like Call Quest, but on a boat?

Then, she posted this gem of a video:

Is this real life? Seriously, did David Lynch direct this as some sort of weird dream sequence for his next movie? Because that’s the only way I could get behind this fuckery. I mean, I knew Kim Kardashian had a wetty for Kim Kardashian, but this is some narcissistic bizzaro land shit. Maybe Kanye’s rubbed off on her (double entendre).

After she posted that last video, her step-brother, Brandon Jenner, posted a video mocking her on his own Instagram account, and it was awesome.


When your own family thinks you’re a joke and brilliantly mock you on the internet, maybe it’s time to calm the fuck down.

Aside from her weird videos that made me laugh a whole lot more than they probably should, Kim posted a bunch of stupid pictures with stupid captions that made me classic Krysta eye roll. Just when Kim Kardashian is getting back on my good side she goes and pulls this shit. This is bad even for a Kardashian..


  1. barry orear says

    Don’t understand what she does for a living but I don’t guess I get paid to understand. She has an unusually large butt I guess you can be famous for that to me its just gross.

  2. Tae says

    She’s an idiot.. Not surprised.. And apparently some of the pics she posted, she found on Google..

  3. ShameShameShame says


    Child sex slaves? What a fucking terrible, problematic attempt at witty humor. You come across as miserable, jealous and mean spirited.

    I’m sure you’ve been out of high school for a while now, so stop acting like the fat ugly high school girl who hates the popular girl because you secretly wish you were living her life.

  4. Stine Secher says

    I absolutly 100% agree with you(that wrote This article)
    I didnt know if I should laugh or cry….or puke? I have really tried HARD to find something, ANYTHING, about her thats symphatic, or at least some of the the weird, selfish, primadonna, egocentric, entitled “Im to perfect for This World” kind of behavior, that could be excused somehow….NOT!! I absolutly recent that woman, I once liked. By the Way, have she a graduation, or ANY kind of background to Fall back on the day ( trust me, she will not last long, with her erratic diva conduct) it all collapses?

  5. Stine says

    Shameshameshame, for Gods sake take a chill pill, and get over the fucking fact that NO, we girls arent necessary JEALOUS when we dislike, mock/bad-mouth (not something I personal would use as a weapon against people I “hate” or cant stand) some other girls /women, thats a human characteristic or defect, if U like, and deeply intregrated inside us all. Its a natural outlet when somebody REALLY rubs us the wrong way, in this case, Kim K.
    And who the hell are you to talk when YOU your-self immediatly sank to an embarrassing level, with your predictable immature comment about Krysta not been in High-School, and how fat and ugly she is??!!!! WTF!! I really feel bad for you that you have been a victim of bullying, thats obviously, when reading the above. Im 100% behind every single word Krysta wrote, and plz remember that it is insecure, ignorant people like youself that are truly miserable and lonely, and want everybody to go down with them and their bitterness. I HOPE from the bottom of my heart that Krysta’s only reaction was shaking her head smiling while she silent and overbearing send you a little prayer…..