Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Did Stupid Romantic Stuff in Italy

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian on her 32nd birthday In VeniceI?m pretty sure that ?going to Rome? is a euphemism for something dirty. If it isn?t, I would like to officially coin it as such now since clearly lots of filthiness occured there while?the queen of flash and?vulgarity, Kim Kardashian, and her class act?rapper boyfriend,?Kanye West, visited last week.

The couple were touring romantic Italy to celebrate Kim’s 32nd birthday.?Despite broad speculation, however, Kanye did not propose to the erstwhile Mrs. Humphries during the course of the trip.

I certainly hope the never-married Kanye is not cautious of sealing the deal with his big-butted lady, merely because she is is twice-divorced. Kim is clearly no gold digger … on the contrary, she?is the poster girl for integrity … only taking money for televised fake marriages and porn videos. This time it’s true love.

While in Venice, Kim did don a white lacey dress, vaguely reminiscent of a wedding gown, and Kanye, ever the romantic, presented her with a single red rose. Conveniently, there were plenty of papparazzi around to capture this beautiful, private moment.

Kim and Kanye did?take part in?scandalous behavior on their Italian vacation to the tune of?not visiting museums or historial sites, but simply taking leisurely, photo-ready strolls and engaging in some high-end shopping. Kim even made?tabloid news for changing from one tacky?designer ensemble to another during dinner.

Really people, before you judge this absurd diva behavior, have we not all wanted to change outfits after pigging out??Kim’s actions are?no different, no less sexy than Ed Bundy?unbuttoning his pants. So stop with your gross double standard.