Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Finally Had Their Fancy Ass Wedding


Well, it’s official. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are finally married for realz. And, as far as I can tell from stalking the entire families Instagram, the whole thing has been pretty fucking elaborate and fancy. Not that I expected anything less from these two. If anything, I expected more! Then again, not all the wedding details have been revealed yet.

Kim, Kanye, and the rest of their friends and family arrived in Paris a few days ago to start the wedding celebrations. Yesterday, all the wedding guests enjoyed brunch at Valentino’s castle, then had a wedding rehearsal dinner that evening at Versailles, where Lana del Rey performed. Basically, these jerks are trying to make my wedding in August look like shit. THANKS GUYS!

After partying for a few days in Paris, double K and their crew jetted off to Florence, Italy, the morning of their wedding and got?married at the Forti di Belvedere.

Lots of hot bitches were there, like Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, Big Sean, Serena Williams, LaLa Anthony, Rick Rubin, Jaden Smith, Rachel Roy, Olivier Rousteing, Andre Leon Talley, and and Joe Francis. Basically, it was a bizarre mix of high fashion and sleazy hood rats…again, exactly what I expected.


Just like Kim’s last wedding, her 10 million sisters served as her bridal party.

Word on the street was that Jay Z had finally agreed to be Kanye’s best man, but Beyonce and Jay Z didn’t bother to show up because they were too busy avoiding Solange in the Hamptons, but Beyonce did post a family picture of Kim, Kanye, and baby North on Instagram with the caption:

Wishing you a lifetime of unconditional love. God bless your beautiful family.

Though no official photos have been released, paparazzi (or someone shady at the wedding…I’M LOOKING AT YOU, KRIS JENNER) did manage to get a snap of Kim in her Givenchy wedding gown which you can spy?here:


As far as I can tell, Kim looks pretty nice, and I’m sure soon we will hear a million stories about how over the top and ridiculous this thing really was (it allegedly cost over $14 million!)

Anyways, congrats, you two krazy kids! (See what I did there)


  1. Dragon says

    Who cares about these two over the top in your face vulgar idiots,the sooner they and the entire Kartrashian Klan disappear- the better !