Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s Baby News Makes Everyone Suddenly Horny

kim-kanyeKim Kardashian and Kanye West’s?baby?news is having a much more significant social?impact than simply setting Twitter on fire with an overwhelming volume of shameless nonsense from ass-kissers and assholes alike. More importantly, excitement over the impending American Royal is having a surprisingly boisterous effect on sales of Kim’s infamous sex tape.

While it’s difficult to imagine anything much classier than?choosing to celebrate the news that a couple is expecting a child by watching the mother in action, evidently that’s precisely what millions of people are doing. According to reports from?Vivid Entertainment, the legal?owner of “Kim K. Superstar,”?sales?have exploded in the days since Kanye cheekily spilt the beans during his concert in Atlantic City.

From the beginning, Kim and Kanye’s relationship has been a boon to?sales of the tape, which have reportedly increased steadily?since the couple?first officially got together last spring. Not that there’s ever been a lack of interest, mind you.

Kanye himself has never been shy about his penchant for porn, and, according to TMZ, prior to having the opportunity to tap it firsthand, Kanye used to use Kim’s tape to fluff himself up prior to bedtime with other ladies. If he’s?now troubled by millions of perverts whacking it to the sight of his baby mama, he hides it well. In his new song “Clique,” Kanye makes an obvious reference to Kim’s cinematic past.

“My girl a superstar all from a home movie.”

It certainly is exciting to imagine two such down-to-earth role models as Kim and Kanye raising a child. And, further,?it’s comforting to know that if mother and child ever need to be apart,?that lucky?little tyke will have plenty of footage of?Mommy looking really happy to help keep her?close to his or her innocent little heart.