Kim Kardashian Finally Bought Her Way onto the Cover of Vogue

kimyeAnna Wintour has more of a sense of humor than any of us originally thought because this is one hell of an April Fool’s joke. After months of rumors, tears, harassment, begging, and bribing, Kim Kardashian (along with Kanye West) has gotten her giant ass on the cover of Vogue Magazine. Coco Chanel just threw some classy shade from her grave.

Apparently Kanye has been pleading with Vogue editors for months to put Kim on the cover, because, like Gretchen Weiner with “Fetch” (how many times have I made this joke?), Kanye West just keeps trying to make Kim Kardashian happen. This cover is like the big party in My Fair Lady where Eliza Doolittle is presented as a classy and respectable member of society. Kanye West has made a fancy bitch out of Kim Kardashian and he wants to the world to know.


Kim looks smug as fuck on the covering, posing in a wedding dress and showing off her ridiculously big engagement ring, while Kanye leans in to sniff his top bitch. To be perfectly honest, I’m not 100% that’s even Kim Kardashian’s body because he head looking superimposed on to that body BIG TIME.

A lot of people (according to Twitter) are mega pissed about Kim being put on the cover of the holy fashion bible, but frankly I’m not even remotely surprised. You open Vogue and what do you get? That shit is basically like a bazillion pages of ads. Vogue magazine sold out long ago, so it’s no fucking surprise that they went ahead and put walking advertisement Kim Kardashian on their cover. This shit actually makes a ton of sense if you think about it.

Maybe Kanye will have to perform for free at Anna Wintour’s daughter’s birthday, maybe Kendall had to pose free of charge in three Michael Kors ads, and maybe Kris had to blow Andre Leon Talley, but Kim Kardashian is finally on the cover of Vogue and you can’t take that from her, I guess.