Kim Kardashian And Kris Humphries Are Splitting Up With Yawning Inevitability

You may have looked at Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kris Humphries and thought to yourself; ‘Cor. This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Real love can truly blossom, despite a history of leaked sex tapes and buttock implants.’

You may have thought that because you’re pretty dim. See, we told you ages ago that this marriage would hit the rocks, and quickly.

Not because we don’t believe in love and, indeed, even celebrities can find the real thing… it is more a case of Kardashian not standing a chance. Why? It might have something to do with her incessant need for attention.

Despite the fact that Kris and Kimmy only got married roughly 30 seconds ago, we knew it wouldn’t be long before things went the way of the pear.

Fact is, once you get married, you have nothing but childbirth to anticipate. You think Kim Kardashian is going to look after some children? Do you think she’s even willing to push them out?

Like hell.

And so, the only thing to do is get divorced. And that’s exactly what some source is saying because they want some money for doing absolutely nothing.

OK! have reported that Kris is finding it hard in the limelight and that, worse still, Kris ?says what he thinks? which can sometimes ?cause friction? between him and the rest of the Kardashians. Now, they’re ?headed for an annulment.?

A source added that Kris ?still can?t get over how long she takes to get her hair and make-up done and makes quips.?

We eagerly await the official statement saying ‘everything is fine’ and that ‘in fact, they couldn’t be happier’ and that both are ‘looking forward to the future’.


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  1. says

    Kim would married anyone, all she wants and her family is to be the richested family in the world. They need to retune all the money they made when they got married it was a joke the wedding cost them 0 they made 10 million. what has the family done for us nothing the show is dum and they are making money off of us. Hate the show and all of them.