Kim Basinger And Alec Baldwin Continue Mental Custody Fight

Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin are locked in one of the most mental custody cases we’ve ever heard of. It’s shattered our illusions of parenting, and it’s put us off watching The Getaway again in a hurry.

At some point this week, the custody battle by Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin for their daughter Ireland may come to an end. Which is a shame, really. We were hoping that more stories like the one of Kim Basinger making a chocolate bar for Ireland with a general ‘Alec Baldwin is a crap Dad’ theme would come out.

Once upon a time, Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger (DVDs) were the hottest
couple in Hollywood. One was the most successful brother in an acting
dynasty, the other was a former Playboy model turned Batman’s
girlfriend. Baldwin and Basinger made films together – films where they
had it off quite a lot.

But then tragedy struck in 2001 when Kim Basinger filed for divorce
from Alec Baldwin after seven years of marriage. Which would have been
the end of things, if only it weren’t for Baldwin and Basinger’s young
daughter Ireland. While most separated parents would try to remain on
fairly decent terms to protect the welfare of their daughter, that’s
not exactly how Kim and Alec have been playing it.

As it stands, Kim Basinger currently has custody of Ireland, while
Alec Baldwin has visitation rights. However, Alec is said to have been
angered when Kim failed to honour a visit. And now the gloves are off. The Scotsman got hold of
some documents from Baldwin’s legal team which apparently contain:

…allegations of "brain-washing" and "child-snatching", while
the lengthy file details the psychological harm that is undoubtedly
being inflicted by both feuding parents on their only child.

Baldwin even claims that Basinger had manufactured a chocolate-bar
for Ireland, its wrapper allegedly besmirching his name and detailing
his relations with other women, an example of which he sent to the
court judge. He also claims that his ex-wife has a "pathological need"
to turn his daughter against him, saying she "has so contaminated this
child that she doesn’t even want to be with her father".

your Mum going to the trouble of making a chocolate bar with a label
slagging your Dad off. Go on, actually imagine it. If it’s true, we can’t decide if
that’s terrifying or really cool. It actually reminds us of the time we put together a DIY Kinder Surprise toy that depicted one of our Aunties in a terrible light, but that’s a story for another time.

Billy Baldwin – Alec’s
brother – has also referred to Kim Basinger as "a black widow spider,"
while Basinger accuses Alec Baldwin of drunkenness and wife-beating. Basinger’s lawyers have said:

"We believe that Mr Baldwin has severe emotional problems. Mr Baldwin’s
lawyers attempted to cast terrible aspersions toward Kim rather than
focusing on the main issue, which is his daughter."

While Alec Baldwin has said:

"[Ireland] lives in a constant state of tension wherein she must never display or
divulge her true feelings for her father because of the mother’s
all-consuming and bitter feelings toward me."

One way or another, the court is expected to settle on a custody decision in either Kim Basinger or Alec Baldwin’s favour sometime this week. Young Ireland, on the other hand, will probably be quite fucked up by this for a while.

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[story by Stuart Heritage]


  1. springs says

    I too am in a divorce from a sick psycho abuser and know first hand the courts, children and youth, the police, and mental health services will not save the children from the continued abuse from the spouse when it hits the courts. The only way out is to give the kids to the abuser. What a shame to have to say they are your children when they grow up. Constant abuse continues and no one will help save the children from the abuse. The abuser if they are good enough at the lies they can convince everyone to feel sorry for them — so they can continue. This is sick! This is not allowed to continue in schools, work, or anywhere else. My spouse gets off feeling my daughter’s breast grow. No one can protect her from that. Does he do it to get himself off or to torment his ex-spouse because she has to continue to have her children abused. He can just say it never happened. The child is now so messed up.
    She tried to tell and no one would stop it. Who can save her now! The psycho’s knows how to do it and play the world. Then hide it where no one can see! Try and tell – not if he can make something up first about you. Now who will they believe! The sick court system! The sick world! Children should be saved from the abuse. The court system is just another way to abuse the spouse!

  2. IsleBeeBock says

    What a little b*tch!
    Rude little pig!

    But Kim and the kid I have no problem with.

    Seriously, if it’s a Baldwin, you know they sleep with the heads up their Clooneys.
    Each others’ that is.
    Not their own.
    That would be sick.

  3. Donna Pitts says

    I have raised sons well into adulthood, including a son with severe mental illness. We are all PIPS (Parents in Progress)–we learn to be better parents as we grow. Has her mother, Kim Basinger, ever made a mistake in child-rearing? Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, she strives to ensure that Ireland will be better for the truths that come of an unfortunate circumstance. The truths are that mistakes are mistakes and domestic violence is domestic violence. I admire Kim’s outstanding courage, both as a woman and a mother. I also admire her for being educated on and becoming an advocate for people with mental illness. About her relationship, she is open assertive. About herself, she is honest and introspective. About her daughter, she is humbled and protective. What, then, is her crime? Having said this, what is the actual charge against Ms. Basinger? Having a sense of humor?