Kendra Wilkinson’s Husband is into Trannies


Having your husband /the father of your children cheat on you sucks. Having your husband/the father of your children cheat on you while you’re pregnant sucks even harder. Having your husband/the father of your children cheat on you with a transexual while you’re pregnant? Well, I don’t even know how to define that level of suckage, but that’s just what Kendra Wilkinson has to deal with right now.?

Kendra, who is most famous for being one of Hugh Hefner’s former “girlfriends” (I use that term, like the skin around Hugh’s balls, loosely), married ex-NFL player, Hank Baskett five years ago and the two seemed like a match made in reality tv heaven. They had an adorable son, a reality show that I actually didn’t watch, and things seemed perfect. But, just like every reality show on E!, things weren’t what they seemed.

Last year, Kendra announced she was pregnant with a baby girl, who she gave birth to less than two months ago. So this should be a really happy time in Kendra’s life, right?! WRONG BITCH! Because it turns out that back in April, while Kendra was super knocked up with baby Alijah (yes, that’s a stupid fucking name), Hank was out throwing his dick to a chick who used to be a dude.

Back in April, Hank allegedly had a brief affair (two hand jobs, half a blow job, and one mediocre lay) with transexual YouTube model, Ava Sabrina London. And no, I am not joking, that is LEGITIMATELY her job title. I don’t know how one becomes a YouTube model, but I think I’ve found my dream career, but I digress.


Though I love me a hot transgender person, I actually think this was low and, honestly, a bit of a downgrade for Hank. First of all, who goes out and bangs a fucking YouTube model when you’re married to a Playboy model? Second of all, Kendra’s boob job is way superior to Ava’s. And finally, Ava’s got that joker cat face thing going on that I’ve talked about before. You know, that plastic surgery that ruins faces?

I mean, if you wanna cheat on your wife with a transgender chick, at least pick a hot one, because there are legit tons of sexy transgendered people out there. Laverne Cox, anybody? I mean, get your shit together, Baskett!

Anyway, when Kendra found out she lost her shit, threw her engagement ring down the toilet and flushed it and threw their wedding photos in the pool.

Now, while I understand her rage, I can’t help but point out that Kendra doesn’t exactly have a booming career right now, so throwing away diamond rings that could potentially be pawned might not be her smartest move. Maybe you should save his expensive shit and go all Blu Cantrell “Hit ’em up style” on his ass…

Annnnnd I just made a Blu Cantrell reference. What is my life?


  1. 08Nova says

    if I ever heard shit like ”they got back together” I’ll live the rest of my live in solitary..!

  2. T.R.A.N.N.I.E.S. R U S says

    J-hoe oops! I mean J-lo can you PLEASE “CALL THIS GIRL?!!!! since youre pretty much going thru the S.A.M.E. THING (ijs)