Kendall Jenner’s Nipples Make Their NYFW Debut

alldembreastsIt seems like just the other day I was blogging about Kendall Jenner showing her nips in a fashion spread and saying how even though she looked really high fashion, I didn’t think she’d make it in the high fashion world because of who her family is. You’d think I’d be sick of being wrong all the time, but here we are.

Kendall walked in a show at New York Fashion Week this year and it wasn’t for some crumby Sears line or anything. Nope, it was for mega designer Marc Jacobs, which is pretty fucking huge. I’d that somewhere Kris Jenner is giving Satan a blowie for pulling this, but I actually think Kendall kind of earned this shit. I know, I know.

Kendall was essentially topless in the show (you can easily Google a NSFW version of the above pic) and I really had no problem with it because I think boobs are awesome. She was also pretty unrecognizable which probably worked to her advantage, as all the fancy bitches sitting front row probably didn’t realize it was Kim Kardashian’s baby sister and therefore didn’t throw any of this:

isthatwhatyrwearingBecause you KNOW that’s how fancy fashion show bitches look at Kardashian sisters when they show off the goods.

Speaking of throwing shade, aside from the Marc Jacobs fashion show, Kendall also has a spread coming out in Vogue magazine. You know, the magazine big sister Kim has been ugly crying and pleading her ass off to be featured in? Sure, Kim Tweeted support for Kendall, but you know that deep down she’s dying inside that her 18-year-old sister got in Vogue magazine without even really trying, while she’s been?getting Kanye to make threatening calls to Anna Wintour for like a year now.

I really feel like Kendall Jenner is just naturally winning in the Kardashian sister department. She’s walking in Marc Jacobs shows, modeling in Vogue, banging the hottest member of One Direction and, frankly, I think she’s the hottest. Kim Kardashian is going to have to pull some real stunt queen shit to one up Kendall these days.