Keira Knightley Takes One For The Team

Keira Knightley, Keira Knightley domestic violence, Cut movieIn a brutal new advert for Women’s Aid, Keira Knightley gets the living cack kicked out of her for charity.

The domestic abuse ad follows Keira home from a night on the set. From car to door and into the kitchen, you’re straight to a beating: Keira’s partner calls her a whore, smacks her to the ground and kicks her like a sack of writhing meat for a full 15 seconds. The camera pans from another, more sadistic set: “Isn’t it time someone called cut?” comes the punchline.

Produced by Grey London and director Joe Wright (Atonement, Pride & Prejudice), the ad, titled ‘Cut’ will air in cinemas April 6th and after the 9pm watershed on TV. Women’s aid commissioned the advert to raise awareness about Domestic Abuse, an issue they say affects one in four women at a rate of two every week.

The director was clearly inspired by government advertising. In fact, the Home Secretary should stop watching porn with her husband, take a hint and batter some celebrities for the camera – we would certainly pay our TV licence if Russell Brand got a beating from a gang of agents.

According to Women’s Aid, domestic abuse is a private problem with a public solution. There aren’t any specific laws which cover the offence but it falls under assault, false imprisonment, attempted murder, criminal damage and rape. The charity claims 26% of reported incidents result in arrest, 4% lead to conviction and domestic violence as a whole accounts for 16% of recorded violent crime.

“I wanted to take part in this advert for Women’s Aid because while domestic violence exists in every section of society we rarely hear about it,” said Keira Knightley, who did the ad for free. You’ll definitely hear about it after ‘Cut’. The short clip will have even the most ruthless among you sinking into your chairs when you see what abuse might actually be like.

If you’re a male or gay, Women’s Aid probably can’t or won’t help you. But rest assured, if your girlfriend, wife or mother is abusive, you can invoke the very same laws to get them locked up like the savages that they are. Or you can visit ManKind, a Somerset charity that offers free advice (and cider) to any man who lives in fear of the rolling pin.

[story by Alex de Moller]


  1. Henrietta says

    I love and respect her for doing this. It is such a necessary message to get out there!

    So many celebrities just pay lip service to charity work, and some even take money, but Keira is putting her time and acting skills into helping abused women.

    Hats off to Keira!