Keira Knightley Doesn’t Mind Us Checking Out Her Boobs

Keira Knightley Topless in AllureWe haven’t exactly been Keira Knightley fanatics here at Hecklerspray, but a recent interview with the actress might just endear her to us, if only a bit.

“I don’t mind exposing my breasts,” Keira recently old Allure magazine.

The rest of that statement, however, is a bit self-deprecating: “they?re so small ? people really aren’t that interested!”

Hey, they’re still breasts.

While Keira has said herself that she’s more supported in the United States, I’m not sure I know a single person who actually has an opinion about Keira Knightley one way or another. I just asked a friend what he thought about her, for example, and the answer was something the lines of: “Who? Oh, the chick who looks kind of like Natalie Portman but also a lot like a cat? Yeah, she’s okay.”

Despite the indifference of many, she continues to make headlines, and I can’t help but notice it’s mostly because of her appearance. So that’s what we’ll talk about here.

In the same conversation about her itty bitties, Keira told the mag:

?I?m quite rigorous about what gets exposed. No bottom half!”

Let’s get back to the top half, then, shall we?

“They always pencil in my boobs,” Knightley said of her movie roles. Apparently, the studios have to Photoshop in her breasts on film stills and posters. So how does that make her feel?

?I was only angry when they were really droopy. For ?King Arthur,? for a poster, they gave me these really strange droopy tits ? I thought, well if you?re going to make me fantasy breasts, at least make perky breasts.”

I just Googled “Keira Knightly breasts King Arthur,” and I genuinely have no clue what she’s talking about. I have, however, now seen more of this movie than I intended to.

Keira Knightley in King Arthur

And because she’s so goddamn skinny, Knightley has also been the target of many an anorexia rumor. And she’s well aware of those rumors, which she’s vehemently denied, in case you’re interested.

?The anorexic stuff ? all of that ? it?s always going to have an impact, so I think it did hit pretty hard,? she said. ?Because you go, oh, maybe that?s right! I knew I wasn?t anorexic, but maybe my body is somehow not right. You kind of just want to hide it all.?

Knightley appears on the December cover of Allure, topless, of course. The photo shoot was a plug for her new movie, Anna Karenina.