Ke$ha’s Life Sure Does Sound Like It Sucks, Guys

KeshaYou might have just seen the words ‘Ke$ha’ and ‘sucks’ in the same sentence and jumped to conclusions about where this post is going. For once, that’s not the case and quite frankly you need to get your head out of the gutter.

Poor Ke-Dollar Sign-Ha has had a rough time lately – going to rehab for an eating disorder doesn’t sound like a barrel of laughs, and now her mom has been lifting the lid on all the other messed up stuff that’s flown under the radar since her daughter hit the big time. Surprise surprise, all the problems seem to stem from her entourage.

Music producer Dr Luke signed Kesha to his record label when she was eighteen, and continued to work alongside her despite creative differences. Of course, by ‘work alongside’, I mean ‘called her a “fucking refrigerator” on the set of one of her videos’, and by ‘creative differences’ I mean ‘there is literally a 9,000 signature strong petition to free Kesha from Dr Luke because he is such an unbelievable fat-shaming tool’. ?Seriously, why a refrigerator? I don’t know about you, but the word only implies good things to me.

Kesha and Dr Luke

Speaking to Radar Online, Pebe Sebert (Kesha’s mom) says that it wasn’t just music producers that pushed her to harm herself – record company execs told her she had thirty days to lose fifteen pounds, and presumably chopping off an arm wasn’t an option.

“He told her he didn?t care if she shoved her hand down her throat or took illegal drugs, but she had to lose the weight.”

Speaking of illegal drugs, there have already been reports that Kesha is also receiving treatment for drug and alcohol abuse at the same time, but have kept it quiet in case it damages her reputation. That’s just lazy gossip-mongering, seeing as there are people living in caves in Outer Mongolia that know that if there is anything Kesha’s famous for, it’s singing about bottles of Jack and getting glitter lodged in unsavoury places. She wouldn’t be shy about getting help for alcoholism if that’s what it was. Saying that, when was the last time you saw a picture of her falling out of a club or getting arrested for driving the wrong way down a freeway?

Pebe goes on to say that this whole sad situation is all too common in the music industry:

“Everybody in the industry has thrown up! Ke$ha?s been in the bathroom with?other celebrities throwing up…she?d swear she wasn?t doing it anymore, but had a breakdown right before Christmas and told me she?d been doing it pretty much on a daily basis since two months after she signed with Luke.”

She also said that Kesha is just a glorified showdog and no longer has any control over her career because of Dr Luke. There must be more at hand than just a few people being mean to her to trigger a serious illness like this, but it sounds like the sooner Dr Luke makes like a tree and leaves her the fuck alone, the better.


  1. Go Away Luke says

    Luke needs to let her go. I want more songs from Kesha like Love Into the Light, Past Lives and Last Goodbye and less (or none) of the autotune stuff. It was fine for one album when she was 22 and still basically a kid. She’s almost 27 and needs to work with people who let her sing songs fit for a grown woman.