Katy Perry Without Makeup

We all know the real reason why Katy Perry divorced her comedian/actor husband, Russell Brand so quickly – why, he just kept stealing eyeliner from Katy’s vanity case, and she soon decided that enough was enough. Using lipstick, Katy daubed the following on the couple’s bathroom mirror, “This marriage ain’t big enough for two chicks.”

However, being the beauty that she is, she was never short of dates afterwards. Maintaining sex symbol status means constantly being dolled up but we do on occasion witness Katy Perry with no makeup on at all.

Russell really stuck the boot in when he tweeted a photo of Katy Perry without makeup upon waking from a nap (see below), probably signaling the ultimate death knell for their fraught relationship.

Although Katy’s skin looks very good here, that worried facial expression doesn’t do the 27-year-old any favors. She may have cottoned on to her eerie resemblance to actress Zooey Deschanel:”Oh nooo, she looks just like me.”

Greasy haired and shiny faced, Katy looks a million miles away from her glamorous self. Her big blue saucer eyes do still kind of stand out but it is so hard to see beyond the oily skin.

Taken from a clip in her concert movie ‘Part Of Me’, the second image of the makeup-free entertainer sees her having fun with her wacky stage costumes. With outfits like that, you really do need to see the funny side.

It is safe to say that bare faced, Katy is reasonably plain looking. This photo is not unflattering this time so there is less shock factor here. When her hair isn?t a mess and she is happily smiling it is easier to appreciate her pretty eyes which are sizable even without eyeliner drawing them out. Her skins tone is a lot more even here, so on a good day, Katy Perry without makeup isn?t atrocious, and when smiling is actually adorable.


  1. kizza says

    I think she still looks beautiful when she has no make up is it such a suprise to the rest of the world that someone looks a bit different when they have no make up on?

  2. Carter says

    No doubt! Katy is always pretty! Make up or not she is still hot! Keep it up katy!

  3. Maria says

    She is another common woman without makeup. In the first picture she looks really ugly but who doesn’t after wake up?

  4. Tempratt says

    You think Katy Perry looks bad without makeup? You’re either queer or blind. She’s still hotter than hell.

  5. jessica & samantha says

    Samantha says: katy perry is ugly she only looks pretty on her music videos & the real katy is a big ugly ghost

    Jessica:#???!”????? ? my name is jessica I’m turning 14 next year in march. But all *???? wanna say is that its not about what you look like its your persanality but you kinda look pretty on that pic but *???? like u more on ur music videos you rock *???? wanna become like u katy perry love u!!!

  6. Says says

    Katy Perry is for little kids. Shes not glamorous, but shes not ugly. She is pretty and anyone looks like that when they just wake up.

  7. Ron says

    What does it say to you people that she looks like a nondescript person you’d see in a supermarket without her makeup? Think about the social ramifications of worshiping her just because of her makeup.

  8. Ken says

    No doubt a natural beauty! What is this thing about oily skin? I don’t see any of that in her no make up photo.

  9. one-hung-low says

    lets be honest people the woman is ugly without all her warpaint. Her ex husband R.Brand took one look in the morning light and run like hell out the door.her real voice is very questionable without all the sound tricks behind stage .still if she rocks your boat (sad)

  10. Ava says

    Katy Perry looks best in all kinds of ways she looks extremely pretty without makeup

  11. Nichole says

    Katy perry is the devil she’s butt ugly to me I love God and I hate her image and what she represents I kissed a girl her love is strong that’s lust not love and cherry Chapstick she’s dry why try she’s a cactus and I nobody wants that she didn’t bloom and she’s not a beautiful flower she’s butt ugly with her your dry

  12. :) says

    I find it mean the way they go on about Katy’s skin and hair in the first pic. I mean, she just woke up! I would love to see you when you first wake up.
    But she’s actually still really pretty without makeup. I think I prefer her without all the heavy makeup…

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