Katy Perry Needs to Stop Showing Off Her Boobs

katy perry boobs

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson aka Katy Perry used to be such a lovely girl. She was well-mannered, good-thinking and Christian. She respected her elders, was chaste and pure, and did well to others. Then the pop industry got to her, and she became a massive outlandish tease with massive outlandish…well, let’s not talk about that.

Now I’m no prude, but this is too much. Put the boobs away. There’s so much to this woman that isn’t simply her breasts. But if you looked at her public appearances you’d think that there wasn’t.Katy Perry

I mean look at that! Look at that! It’s digusting! It’s immoral. Why would you put your boobs out there – and in a purple hoodie at that?

Katy Perry with her boobs out

There’s no escape from these monstrosities. They’re everywhere: in publicity photos, in red carpet snaps, and in paparazzi images.

Katy Perry as Elmo


It’s just not needed. She’s a perfectly normal woman, and she is trading on her assets. Something needs to be done about this, internet – and I don’t mean that you should immediately do a Google search for “hot Katy Perry.”

Katy Perry doing unwholesome things

Katy Perry's wabs

And you shouldn’t – not at all. Because all that will happen is you’ll be presented with a torrent of utter filth, the likes of which should not be put on any screen anywhere.

That would be wrong. And terrible. Won’t someone think of the children? Katy Perry has become an icon for teens and pre-teens around the world, and she’s just there demonstrating that with a couple of beneficial boobs you can do what you want and conquer the world.

Is that really the message we want to send our children? That you should have people panting breathlessly over your breasts to make it big in the world?

I don’t think so, for one. And that’s why I’ve provided you with so much photographic evidence of the wrongdoing of Katy Perry and her boobs.

You ought to realise that there’s something terribly wrong with this. If you don’t, then you ought to know better.

Thanks for your time.

Katy Perry jiggling


  1. Perrycorn says

    lol are you a nun who is jeous? or are you gay? We don’t need your post of “purity”. Shut the fuck up.

  2. Gabi says

    Try watching her movie.
    Have you ever met her? She is still a lovely and sweet girl, if she didn’t have boobs and she wore those clothes you’d probably think its fine, so I’m sorry that she has breasts, I sense a hint of envy, but Katy is a lovely girl who still has Christian beliefs and values.

  3. perryparamour says

    do you really think children are thinking of her assets?? little children probably just love her irresistible music. you really think little kids love Katy Perry cuz of her assets? wow. >:\

  4. MeKatyCat says

    hahaha…. you didnt believe what you wrote!!! #please Bitch! its not like she’s showing off her boobs everytime…. she’s just having fun! WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL!? …. you’re just jealous… i mean you cant dress up like that when you’re 60’s,right?…. so just ENJOY you’re youth,because one day you’re not gonna be able to dress like that… in fact you’re a pervert to just dedicate an article of Katy Perry’s boobs!…. What R you?…A police boob???

  5. Mike says

    I so agree this nasty trailer trash need to cover up her boobs and stop acting so desperate. It take a desperate ho to mess with John Mayer.

  6. Pauline Williamson says

    Katy is truly a lovely woman, and she is the very picture of health and great energy.
    You Go Girl!

  7. Isaac says

    Leave her the fuck Alone! Thats her body to do what she wants, She still is a VERY sweet talented girl and just by ur article she isnt going to stop do what shes doing!

  8. Stephanie says

    Well said everyone!, Except for mike. FYI her boobs dont define her, u dont like her…look away. John Mayer? really? She may be spending time with him but she doesnt need him. She will be great with or without him. If all you see is boobs, then you are a shallow human being. I am proud of katy for all that she’s accomplished. Before you judge her, you should see her movie. It will show you that she’s an incredible, inspirational, and god fearing woman!

  9. Jordan G. says

    Well first off I would just like to say that the lady who wrote this article really has NO idea who Katy is or ever will!! You honestly believe she got to where she is today as one of the top female pop artist’s by the size of her “boobs”! HA. That’s like saying Micheal Jackson made it to where he was because he was “black”!! It’s actually called this thing called talent and in case you haven’t been listening Katy’s been dominating the music industry with her number 1 hits. So please tell me again how you think Katy flaunts her breasts around to achieve her success. And you obviously don’t follow Katy much on the news because your trying to portray Katy as this “playboy bunny” who’s always show casing her breasts, when in fact she only occasionally dresses like that! Also personally I think Teens should look up to Katy!!! She sets an example to us all that it doesn’t matter where you come from or who people think you should be, if you want something in your life then you go for it and do your best to achieve that dream! And just so you know Katy worked her ASS off to achieve her fame…you don’t even know what she went through so please judge her some more like you know her life!! It’s people like you who Teen’s shouldn’t look up too!! You go around and try criticizing those who actually achieved something great in their life with these false accusations. So for further reference don’t you DARE write about Katy like this again because you really have no idea what your talking about lady!!!

  10. anon says

    Hilarious, Did nobody really get that this whole piece was tongue in cheek(sarcastic)???? Come on guys, get a hint-he says how bad it is for her to show off her boobs and then includes all those pictures of them and a SLO-MO of them BOUNCING!!(LOL)

    learn to read between the lines people

  11. bob says

    She should be looked up to? Didn’t she make a video about getting blacked out drunk, having sex with a random guy, and how cool it was? Yeah she is a great role mode. I don’t care if she wants to sing songs about being a trashy ho, but don’t sell it to young girls. And don’t make appearances on the Nickelodeon awards. All you people that posted that she is a great role model, just prove how ignorant and dumb people in this country are becoming.

  12. ThePinkKirby says

    It’s just that she wears a lot of revealing things. I get where this guy comes from.