Katy Perry And John Mayer Are Hurting For Attention

katy perry john mayerIt’s been too long since John Mayer has seen his name in the press (yes, a week is a very long time in fame whore years) so it’s pretty apparent he and girlfriend Katy Perry decided to draw a little attention to themselves this week.?

Anyone who wears a ring on their left hand is just begging people to ask questions.? Anyone who does this on Valentine’s day, and is famous, obviously just likes seeing their faces all over the Interwebz. We see your game, Mayer, and we raise you one “You’re stupid.”John Mayer is known for getting off on people talking about him.? He’s not a Shia LaBeouf by any means, but homeboy definitely likes to get his picture taken and for people to give him publicity (good or bad, that shit isn’t important).? Katy Perry doesn’t exactly shy away from fame, no one who squirts whip cream out of their bra can really try to convince me otherwise, but she was never on an alert the “paparazzi where I am going” level. At least not before hooking with Mayer.

Not too long ago, these two decided to release a terribly cheesy and shitty single together, and then do some interviews showing how awkward they are together.? Mayer reminded us that he is the king of disinterest and douchebaggery, while Katy revealed how she has become the stereotypical “I am going to play dumb because my man likes it” girl that makes me sick.? It was hard to watch and only reaffirmed the fact that Perry somehow managed to downgrade from Russell Brand (I know I know, I didn’t know that was possible either).

Last week, rumors started flying that maybe these two were going to get engaged.? Then on Valentine’s day, they just happened to be spotted by a bunch of cameras leaving dinner, and Perry just happened to be wearing a big ass rock that just happened to be on her left ring finger.

Katy Perry John Mayer Valentines Day

What a series of coincidences!?? Of course, this stunt move made everyone start talking, which is exactly what they wanted to happen.

“Inside sources” said the rumors were as wrong as Perry’s choice in dating partners, which means either these two asses are lying or more likely they just needed to see their names trending on Google. Next up there will be a few pregnancy rumors, maybe a cheating scandal or two, potentially a public fight, whatever is needed to keep Mayer’s hard on for himself going.