Katie Price And Piers Morgan: A Perfect Reason To Blow Up Your TV!

Jordan, Peter Andre, Katie Price, piers morgan, interview, tears, break up, custody, idiots, jeremy clarksonThere are some moves people will make to maintain credibility, and there are some moves which end up being quite misinformed.

Can you guess which side Katie Price (or “Jordan” if you prefer her hooker name) being interviewed by Piers Morgan (or “Twat” if you prefer his real name) would fall into?

But what if we throw in the fact that poor Katie broke down in tears during the interview, making out as if she were the victim to Peter Andre’s evil ways?

Then it would be secret option three: you’re only hurting yourself and my god we wish Piers Morgan would just die.

In an interview set to air on the channel that knows not how to make good telly – ITV1 – Katie Price talks to Piers Morgan and… good god he’s a disgusting weasel of a man.

We mean, she’s bad enough and it isn’t like Peter Andre is much better – the man is a simpleton – but Piers Morgan? Honestly. Whelks have more appealing personalities than that gutterscum. He’s so much of a prat Jeremy Clarkson punched him in the face – when one of the biggest anuses on TV hits you, you know you’re doing something wrong.

Where were we?

Ah yes – so Peter and Katie split up, then there was some ruckus about who gets the kids, when they get them and blah blah blah then some other meticulously-managed PR-shit came about and lo, the two were still featured all over every magazine in the world.

It’s hard to care.

A source said some words which someone took down and eventually got said words to Digital Spy:

“Katie is fed up with the public backlash against her. Unfortunately though, her version of events is rather different to Pete’s.”

Let’s do some scientific-type study here then. Her version of events is probably different because she’s out on the lash all the time, getting her well-worn vagina out for all asunder and making new potholes in the street every time she drunkenly trips up.

Or at least that’s what we’d guess.

Katie Price may be a ridiculous-looking hag of a woman, Peter Andre may be… well – what is he, really? And as for the kids, well, they’re probably going to be messed up when they’re older, let’s be honest.

But Piers Morgan? Why, oh why…


  1. Stabby McGee says

    “getting her well-worn vagina out for all asunder”

    That’s one of the greatest Freudian slips I’ve ever seen. Bravo!

  2. Chanel says

    This is ridiculous. How dare you make such harsh and unforgiving comments about the interview when katie price was obviously devastated about losing a child. She wasn’t playing a victim she was being a heartbroken women who had to suffer the unbearable pain of finding out she was carrying a dead baby. If the show annoyed you so much why did you watch it, or was your sick plan just to mock the events as they unfolded ? Whether you like either of them or not you should not be making comments like that about an interview where she discusses a tragedy, nor should you bring their innocent children into it. Whoever you are you are a very sad and nasty individual. Try to put yourself in katie price’s position and then mock yourself.

  3. katie pricexxx says

    I am a big fan of katie and peter,i can understand people dont like them but its horrible to say stuff like that.would you like it???
    listen im a 10 year old but ive got some gob on me okay and im smart enough to figure you idiots out!
    if you dont like me calling you an idiot then thats wat katie probably feels like.You need to go to a docter and let him check you out(not the romantic kind!)
    its a shame the broke up coz i loved watching katie and peter on their show.They are both good parents eventhough katie is abit of a diva but she still looks after her disabled son Harvey,junior and princess
    thanx for reading this i hope its made you think abit more(probably not!)
    if your a katie and peter fan then i hope you live happily

  4. Bryan says

    She should not have done the Marathon, or kept on riding horses or any thing else, out on the piss. It is a tragic thing to loose a child but this woman is a her own worst enemy willing to do anything for money and her own self.
    She is a disgrace. God help her children.

  5. lucy anderson says

    I am sorry but i am watching what sh eis saying and she is talking out of her arse i lost a baby at 20 weeks and had to have surgery to remove it all as well as a placenta that was stuck i heamoraged so much i lost four pints of blood. she was only 9 weeks and you dont bleed that much its like having a period as you are not that face gone. they dont evrn take you in to have DNC at that stage because nothing is really formed. she needs to get her facts straight because for those who have really lost a child its quite upsetting to watch

  6. lucy anderson says

    I lost my baby on new years day and am still devested if she actually lost a baby she would not be laughing and joking on TV

  7. Lauren says

    i agree wiv yhuu i feel so sorri 4 Katie Price nd Peter i fink tht it was just tht they just had so different peresonalities nd it had 2 end sometime. Katie is a very honest nd genuine person nd if the kids asked about there dad nd wht happened i am sure that katie would tell them.

    As for Ian who wrote this, i fink tht yhuu shud take a look in the mirror buddy. i fink u r a v.nasty individual nd i dnt care who or wht yhuu do i fink yhuu shud grow up nd think about the kids nd the individuals nd please stop listenin 2 the press. she was devastated by her mis-carriage nd wht yhuu sed is reli hurtful to her. I dnt blame either of them 4 teh split but i do fink tht Peter married her 4 who she is so she let her be the person she was. Katie also needs to learn to not get as drunk when she goes out but when she woz wiv pete she hardly had a oppotunity 2 go out v.often so she enjoyed it while it lasted.

    thanks for reading, nd i hope yhuu change our mind!

  8. Kaz says

    I lost a baby at 9 weeks and i had to have a D&C like Katie and you do bleed heavier afterwards than you would during a normal period, so you should get your facts straight yourself Lucy. Its awful however far gone you are when you miscarry, so i do feel for her. But saying that, i did think she came across like a complete slapper last night and to say that she could possibly be married again by next summer is just ridiculous. She needs to be on her own and concentrate on her poor kids, not focus on getting her next fella.

  9. Sammiee says

    How can u say u wish piers morgan would DIE! r u blind hes FIT! and wen i first herd nwt katie n peter i was all 4 peter cuz on there show she dose treat im like shit bt afta watchin the interview i real feel sorry 4 her.x

  10. Danielle says

    you are wrong… I am psych nurse and can tell you people laugh as a sign of nervousness or not being conformable about talking about painful issues.

  11. talulla says

    Marathon training, horse riding and out on the lash flashing the vag yet it’s all, Pete’s fault! yeah right. We saw Pete begging her to stop during the marathon, he even asked her brother to intervene but she wouldn’t have it. Then she has the brass neck to say Pete didn’t care.
    She reminds me of what happened to the silent film actors when talkies came in, people couldn’t stand how some of them spoke and their careers went down the tubes. Since she has gone from page 3 to being on her own reality show we can see and hear what a selfish mare she is and how it was her mission to humiliate Pete and worse to encourage others to do it too.

  12. Nathan says

    Fuck Jordan. She has less brainpower than your average lawnmower. Peter Andre is equally as devoid of intellect but slightly less contemptible. Losing a baby is very sad and I feel for them with regard to that, but otherwise they do nothing to enrich my life in any way. I am not entertained by some cretin who used to make a living getting her ludicrously inflated mams out, who now thinks that because loads of builder’s found her adequate masturbation fodder, that we should be inflicted with her opinions or the tedious ins and outs of her life.

  13. Wench. says

    OK, I’m no supporter of Katie Price. She was cold in that interview, full of crocodile tears and is heinously unattractive. But you’re medically ill-informed.

  14. lala bike says

    @chanel, @lauren, @katie pricexxx: all obviously from the chav side of society by their grammar (non-existant), language and spelling on a web log (text speak), and worship of the king, queen and PR guru of chav.

    If you can’t see what is wrong with all of these individuals, then god help you, you are not capable of even the smallest degree of consciousness to help yourself emerge out of the squalid swamps of chavdom and everything associated with it.

  15. Nat says

    I think at the end of the day Katie or Jordan have her own personality and avant-gardism artist with moral value of modernity. Europe is an old space men taking still advantage to show themselves like cock of the poultry yard! Anything she would do is just wrong, morals values of the 19th century! He took advantage of her fame, now he wants legal money from her because she is becoming older and not so physically attractive. Who’s the banter with nice cars, he was ashamed of her (miscarriage to be hidden). He was full off negativity towards his family starting with Katy. What’s wrong with going out when we have children at 30? She has loads on her plate and she has loads of courage. All women knows that, we are not just sexual objects and mothers with no personality. Her own originality will help the kids to have a life full of spice and love, education and serious moral too. Harvey is well loved by her mum. What’s wrong in them being looked after by other people? She is showing off her boobs, he is showing off his cars! Pete

  16. Nat says

    Stop being selective and insulting people,chav are chav,if everyone was the same then it would be dangerous they are like everyone else, who do you think you are? What prove to me that you are on top of your own consiousness before to talk about which way everyone has to follow, yours? But I agree about kind and queen, maybe its better to worship the principal one???

  17. col says

    In the article you compared Piers Morgan to a whelk,i think this is very unfair to whelks.Whelks are a very basic life form and considered to be unintelligent,if you had ever listened to some of Piers Morgans comments you may wish to rethink your comments.On a scale of importance,use to humankind and beauty i score the whelk far above the odious Piers Morgan.