Katherine Heigl is Begging People for Money So She Can Be in Movies

iwantzmonayzKatherine Heigl has annoyed the shit out of me for years, so I was pretty fucking happy when she basically fell off the face of the planet due to the fact no one in the movie industry wanted to work with her ass anymore.

But, Katherine being Katherine,?attempted to say “fuck you” to the film industry by making her own movies without their help. Movies she’s now claiming she’s too poor to fund.

A few years back, Katherine Heigl did that thing that a lot of stupid bitches do: she quit her popular television show so she could be a movie star. However, like Mischa Barton before her, that didn’t really work out so well, so now she’s broke and can’t afford to make her own movies and wants people to help a sister out. File this under: bitch please.

Heigl claimed that she?can’t afford to donate to the crowd-sourcing campaign aimed at raising $150,000 to complete her movie, Jenny’s Wedding. Heigl said she hasn’t made that much money lately so she can’t help fund her lesbian movie. Oh right, did I mention that this is a movie about lesbians? Because that’s what everyone wants to see, the most annoying woman in the world who can’t act for shit attempt to play a lesbian.

Katherine says she watched a lot of porn to prepare herself to play a lesbian (might I add the movie is supposed to be a sincere comedic love story about a lesbian couple), because we all know pornos accurately portray lesbians.

This eye roll is for all my lesbians out there:

ijustcantLike many before her, Katherine has started an Indigogo account for her film, but it’s slow going. Launched on February 11 with the goal of raising $150,000 by March 28, it had received only $31,741 by Monday evening.

Heigl is notoriously difficult to work with and hasn’t had a successful movie in years. If people aren’t willing to pay to go see you in a movie,?do you really think they’d?be willing to pay for you to make those stupid ass movies? One answer: