Kate Winslet Doesn’t Give a Rat’s Ass What You Think of Her


I never thought I’d ever hear anyone refer to Kate Winslet as anything other than a classy, talented lady. I especially never thought I’d hear anyone refer to her as a trifling, amoral hoe bag, but apparently some people are judgey and stupid. Luckily for Kate Winslet, she gives none of the fucks.

Not that long ago (like a year or so), Kate married a guy name Ned Rocknroll (I’m not even joking…), who?became her third husband. She was previously married to super talented director, Sam Mendes, and before that she was married to some guy I’ve never heard of. You know, a real nobody? Anyway, she had her first kid with Mr. Nobody, then she had her second kid with Sam, and now she’s just had her third kid with ol’ Neddy Rocknroll, and apparently people are pissed about it because they don’t know how to mind their business.

Apparently, Kate having three kids with three different guys made a lot of prudes call her a skanky whore who was shitting all over the sanctity of marriage/parenthood and shit. People said that she was being an irresponsible role model an shit. She weighed in on this crazy judgement during an interview with Glamour magazine.

I?m really sorry to the nation?s press that I fell in love and got pregnant; I do apologize if you deem that irresponsible.

You tell em, girl.


People also got real judgey about her third baby-daddy having the last name Rocknroll and assumed she’d give her new baby that stupid ass last name as well. To that, Kate responds with a whopping “Are you fucking kidding me?!” She told Glamour:

Of course we’re not going to call it Rocknroll. People might judge all they like, but I’m a f****** grown-up.

Instead, she named her baby boy Bear Winslet, which is…whatever, I guess?

The point is, lots of people have lots of babies with a lot of different people. Who gives a fuck? I bet if she was a dude no one would be talking shit. Look at Mick Jagger, Bruce Jenner, Puff Daddy (he will never be Diddy to me), and a million and one other dudes in the business with various babymamas. They’re just called “Ladies Men.”

Kate Winslet, you get it girl. You have all the marriages and all the babies and fuck what the haters think. Leonardo DiCaprio is your bff, you’ve got an Oscar, you look great, so fuck ’em.


  1. Geo says

    Well not many people get divorced and married so many times when they’re normal people. I don’t think that this will be her last marriage either.
    However I don’t judge her for this. People have only a life, and they do what they want with it. I think she’s looking for her true love this way, but she hasn’t found it yet. Only she knows.

    Anyway, what I wanted to say is that I really admire her in many ways. I hope one day I will get to be like her to stop caring about what other people think about me. I’ve been working on that.