Kate Upton Without Makeup

Kate Upton Looking Good

With her enormous rack and that cute little mole, Kate Upton could not be more gorgeous.?The Sports Illustrated cover girl and Victoria’s Secret model has an outrageous figure, a stunning face, and apparently a sweet personality as well.?She was even gorgeous as a nun in The Three Stooges. Criticized for being Rubenesque, shall we say, the 20-year old is curvy and healthy, and?her critics should eat a cheeseburger and dream about their tainted souls.

This is probably not a shock, but Kate Upton without makeup looks amazing.

Kate Upton Without Makeup

In the first photo of Kate with a bare face, she looks uncharacteristically serious … it’s rare to see her in public without a smile (and who wouldn’t smile all day everyday if they looked like her?). Despite her solemn expression, her face looks completely immaculate?without makeup.

In the second photo, the model is playing in the 2011 Taco Bell All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game. Somehow, she manages to make a baseball cap and?shapeless jersey look sexy.?Without a shred of makeup, her face is flawless?and her all-American beauty shines through.

Kate Upton Without Makeup

Update: November 2012

Here are more pictures of Kate Upton with no makeup on. She’s arriving at New York’s JFK airport wearing jeans, boots and an ugly sweater that’s too big for her. No makeup at all!

kate upton no makeup

kate upton no makeup

kate upton without makeup



  1. Hannah says

    I’m sorry but you’re absolutely delusional if you think she is wearing no makeup in either of those pictures. She clearly has a full face on in both.

  2. Kar says

    Hahhaha she’s wearing makeup in EVERY SINGLE PHOTO. Did a man write this article or something? You’d have to be blind to think she’s bare faced in any of those photos.

  3. Julia Rechell says

    I think she’s wearing makeup in the first 2 pictures but not any in the later ones at JFK airport. It really doesn’t look like she’s wearing anything there cuz she looks so bad lol. BTW its kinda hard to find pics of katie with no makeup because shes not a twitter whore like Kim K or Rihanna…

  4. Win says

    Shes CLEARLY wearing makeup in all these pictures lol. Someone with natural blonde hair does not have black eyelashes or “natural” black eyeliner. The black makes her blue eyes pop. She may not have professional makeup on, but she certainly has her normal makeup on.

  5. chase van arsdale says

    I saw Kate on the cover of SI yesterday—dang how many boob jobs has she had? {Always thought she was kind of phony}!

  6. Bob says

    Ya need to spackle a few more dozen layers of foundation on that upper lip, Kate. I can still see the mustache.

  7. Sam says

    Her breasts are real! It is pretty obvious, man. When she puts on weight tho, they get, obviously, bigggger, these things happen with Women which thank God, we (the media) actually are celebrating! A girl next door type with a perfect full figured body, is beautiful, has a lot of talent (she was great in the last Farrelly Brothers in her small role) and is not some color less anorexic freak a lot of these fashion companies throw out there/dig her

  8. Deas says

    shes clearly wearing a full face of ‘NATURAL’ makeup…a man must have written this article. shes still pretty though so I can’t hate! lol

  9. kelly says

    Wow allot of haters here. I think Kate is very pretty. I don’t know if she is wearing make up or not. But at the age of 20 she should look great with out make up on.
    My daughters who are 26th and 27th rarely wear make up and they look great with out.
    Although every one always thinks they are 19 or 20.

  10. nigger says

    Honestly she looks great. yes she has some make up but i think this article shows that she doesnt look like absolute shit without a ton of makeup and photoshopping. She looks great with just a little makeup, which is what most women wear.

  11. melissa says

    I think the person that wrote this was implying what she looks like without the glamour makeup , she is wearing makeup but its a natural look and I think she looks awesome ..we should all b so lucky lol

  12. Evile says

    She is wearing makeup in all the pictures, but it’s called “the natural look” which takes just as much time to perfect. She also has makeup artists that teach her all the little quicky beauty tricks to use on her own.

  13. TTOKKYO says

    Whoever wrote this HAS to be a heterosexual male who has absolutely no clue about make-up. Kate is wearing make-up in every single picture posted above and not “just little mascara” but full foundation, lip gloss-you name it. Just because she’s not airbrushed to look “flawless” does not mean she’s not wearing make-up.

  14. TTOKKYO says

    Haha@ JFK pics “no make-up at all!” Yeah, maybe she was born with black eyeliner? Or maybe it’s Maybelline?

  15. charlee the obvious troll says

    Hmmm.. Charlee I think that blatant attempt at trolling requires some more refinement.

    Anyhow, I am amazed at how anyone could criticize her figure. When I saw her in 3 stooges my jaw dropped. She’s got an amazing figure.

  16. Trent says

    Jeez u make it so easy to judge someone else but cant man up. Kate looks beautiful….. Really beautiful. Even without all the make-up.

  17. sdf says

    she is wearing makeup in EVERY SINGLE ONE of these pictures. she needs to stop trying to be a bottle blonde because her hairs getting seriously f’d up. and stop photoshopping her with tits because these prove she has none. (number 3)

  18. m says

    I think she has a cute face, old looking, though. This will not be good for her in 20 years. She has no body shape in her waist and is overrated. The big boobs make her famous. Without them, there is not much to look at… other than a cute face. I appreciate her confidence, but she is egotistical, unintelligent, and will have saggy breasts in a few years. She thinks her body represents what it means to be a bigger woman, and makes women feel better about their bodies – I believe this is an inaccurate statement. Most women with her size breasts are much bigger elsewhere, i.e. hips, butt, thighs.

  19. Truth teller says

    That chick looks very old for her age. Her bone structure is discussing. Her body looks like a potato. Any Photographer can make anyone look decent with lighting and angles. Obviously she sucked the right dick to get her position in life. U can keep pumping out lies into the media trying to convince people she is pretty but that will only last so long. The truth is she is very ugly. Takes it in the ass by soooo many lol what a whore!!!!

  20. Sam says

    I never knew who she was until recently. I appreciate the confidence, that’s great.I can honestly say I don’t see the overwhelming beauty, other than the big boobs, sadly, must be it. Reminds me of miss piggy.

  21. Dan says

    I think the terms “without makeup” and “no makeup” etc. need to be defined. Any makeup at all negates either term. A little makeup is something. No makeup is nothing. I refuse to believe in a majority of these pictures that she is, in fact, wearing not even a shred of makeup. And I don’t care how many disagree, like many posters on here, without her considerable bra filling assets, she is very plain looking. Personally, her face places her squarely in the butterface category. Hell, shes not even good looking for a blond.

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