The Kardashians Are Gonna Descend On Lamar Odom Like A Pack Of Harpies

khloe kardashian and lamar odomThe Kardashians have to be this close to ordering a hit on Lamar Odom by now. At the very least he’ll be waking up to a severed chihuahua’s head in his bed,

Not that that will phase someone who got used to seeing Khloe before she fired up the cement mixer full of foundation every morning.?

It’s the relationship drama that just won’t lay down and die. So what’s Lamar done to anger America’s first family now? His mountain of debt with a couple of friendly neighbourhood drug dealers has reportedly lead to $250,000 worth of jewellery being stolen from the home he used to share with Khloe Kardashian. Are you sure you don’t want to rethink this divorce, Khlo? He sounds like a real keeper.

Sources are saying that ?Lamar owed more than $15k to one dealer, and was around $40k in debt to another. However, they have’t revealed just what the actual fuck he was taking that he could rack up a $40k bill without the dealer batting an eyelid. That’s Hollywood for you.

The sources are also saying that Lamar was receiving threatening text messages about someone breaking in to his house to get even, presumably because they can’t afford the manpower it would take to break one of his legs.

kardashian family portrait

The house that he shared with Khloe has stood empty since the split, and Khloe only noticed the jewels had disappeared when she and Kris Jenner went back to pack up before the new owner moves in. How great it must be to be so rich that you have no problem leaving ?a quarter of a million dollars worth of diamonds in your spare multi-million dollar mansion.

Cops think that it was an inside job as there was no sign of forced entry, but if The Bling Ring is anything to go by then most celebrities are dumb-asses that leave town for weeks on end and don’t even bother to lock the back door.

As if there aren’t enough reasons for the Kardashian clan to mutate into their true winged and scaly forms, descend on Lamar and carry him back to the nest to feed up North West, this whole mess may also be linked to another robbery in the family. Around the same time the jewellery went missing, $50,000 in cash also disappeared from Kourtney Kardashian’s house and police are pretty sure it’s the same culprits.

Let’s save all the questions surrounding that?for another day and agree that all the money in the world apparently can’t buy a burglar alarm or safe.


  1. Seymour says

    Who cares? Why are you giving these people so much attention? They don’t do anything!

  2. Harry says

    The Kardashians have to be this close to ordering a hit on Lamar Odom by now. At the very least he