Justin Bieber Is Trying Hard For Good P.R

Justin Bieber and Malala YousafzaiJustin Bieber has taken a break from getting into fights with a-listers and getting back together for the 295769th time with Selena Gomez.? Instead, he is trying to appear to have?a shred of likeability left and is trying to earn himself some good publicity.

Of course, any self respecting PR whore knows the number one rule of being a shameless phony is that it isn’t so obvious that one is being a shameless phony.

Basically all the news surrounding Justin Bieber lately is negative.? I can’t think of the last time he came out with any actual music, let alone anything decent (newsflash- that was actually never).? When I hear Justin Bieber’s name now I really just think shitty neighbor, shirt allergy, sizzurp, Selena Gomez, and overgrown bitchass douche.?? And I know that I am not alone in this.

Seems Justin has finally realized that people are not thinking so highly of him anymore.? Shit, I don’t even think his leech loser friends see him in a decent light anymore, and he basically pays for their friendship.? So to try and drum up some good publicity for himself, Justin somehow got Malala Yousafzai to FaceTime with him.? Of course, he also took a screenshot so that he could post proof on Twitter and show just how deep and cultural he is.

For those living under a rock, Malala is not some new Victoria’s Secret Angel, though I know that was your first though when you heard Justin Bieber was FaceTiming a woman.? She is a Pakistani teenager who stood up for equal education rights, and was brutally shot in the head by the Taliban because of it.? Not only did she survive, but she has become an ambassador for education, and has received multiple Nobel Prize nominations.

Malala is smart, insightful, strong, and an inspiration.? So pretty much the total opposite of Bieber, and he must have figured getting his name next to hers in a few headlines would be good for his career.? Except it’s so fucking obvious why he contacted her that it’s the most eye rolling event of 2014 so far.? And that’s impressive because Shia LaBeouf and Kanye West are still alive and constantly doing bullshit.

I think I am pretty safe in saying this whole debacle was an epic fail.? Just go back to pretending your black and tough, Bieber.? It’s way more believable.


  1. rashees spence says

    Some pretty harsh words, but I dont think he did this to get any good headlines. He’s been doing stuff like this in years. People just dont care about it, but you kinda sound like a hater to be honest.

  2. zyann says

    Just leave him alone did justin bieber do anything to u. U used some harsh words and people just stop talking about him if u want to make bad choices let him you are not his parents and one more thing justin bieber makes good songs not bad