Justin Bieber Somehow Manages to Keep Getting Hot Women


File this under: HOW?! First, Justin Bieber gets the mega babe that is Selena Gomez. Then he gets accused of home wrecking Orlando Bloom and stunning Victoria’s Secret model, Miranda Kerr. THEN he allegedly hooks up with another Victoria’s Secret bombshell, Adrianna Lima, and NOW he’s allegedly the reason that Calvin Harris and Rita Ora broke up. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!

Reports are now surfacing that Rita has been recording with Bieber for months and that during this whole making shitty music together process, the two have gotten really touchy feely, which is why Rita’s boyfriend, professional background music guy, Calvin Harris, has thrown her a “bitch please” and dumped her ass.

And by “touchy feely”, the sources claim that Rita would sit on Justin’s lap and he’d rub her back and give her massages and they’d hug a lot. Not super scandalous, but definitely not the kind of behaviour you’d expect from a grown woman in a relationship to engage in with a bratty child.

Before the official break-up with Harris, Ora was seen out clubbing with Biebs, and after the break-up they were both spotted in Mexico, so all signs are currently pointing to “To Catch a Predator: Mexico Edition.”

To be perfectly honest, this shit doesn’t surprise me at all. I mean, do you remember when Rita Ora was dating Rob Kardashian and allegedly cheated on him with a bunch of dudes while she was allegedly pregnant with his kid (if you trust Twitter, which I do), and then the straw that broke the camels back was when she cheated on him with Jonah Hill which basically drove him insane and he got fat so he could be more like Jonah Hill? (That’s the scenario I’ve created in my head, anyway).

So, I mean, I kind of expect trifling behaviour from Rita Ora, but Justin Bieber? Does this kid wear cologne that smells like bacon, money, and “Orange is the New Black”?, because bitches LOVE those things.