Justin Bieber Smokes Pot Just Like A Big Boy

justin-bieberTeen sensation Justin Bieber has been captured in a series of photos holding what is clearly a joint at a party inside a Newport Beach, California hotel room on January 2nd.

Justin’s security?crew was?reportedly with him at the party, but presumably the contact high from the marijuana smoke obscured?their judgment because the photos are quite clear. That sure is Justin and that sure is a blunt in his adorable little hand. (I’m guessing those particular security handlers are looking for new jobs now.)

After the photos were made public by TMZ, Justin?posted a message?on Twitter … painfully devoid of any capital letters … that could be interpreted as a?general apology to his fans.

?i see all of u. i hear all of u. i never want to let any of you down. i love u. and..thank u?

Meanwhile, little girls everywhere are tweeting wildly?about their devastation over his behavior, and many seem desperate to blame his friend Lil’ Twist for being a bad influence on him. And maybe he is.?But it’s important to remember that even though Justin famously looks like a 15-year old lesbian, he’s legally a grown-ass man and therefore?100% culpable for his own decisions.

In a possible effort to?mitigate the photos’?damage, Justin took a break from his busy pot-smoking schedule to visit a young girl fighting leukemia while on a concert stop in Utah. While that was a genuinely nice gesture (and, to be fair, he does visit sick children quite often), it begs the question of what Justin’s going to do to ease the heartbreaks suffered by the throngs of disillusioned 12-year olds after learning that he may not be as squeaky clean as their parents thought.


Justin himself will likely be unscathed by the unfortunate death of the paparazzo who was killed last week while trying to get a photo of him, but the existence of TMZ’s photos does shed a new light on the claim made by that paparazzo that Justin had been in possession of marijuana prior to the accident.

On January 5th, Justin tweeted an inspirational message that will hopefully reinvigorate his fans and remind them that even though he’s a naughty pot-smoker, he’s still sweet kid. And, Justin, we understand that you’re going through a rough patch, what with the Selena break-up, but please try to be more discreet. Or at least go to Colorado.

?like i said…2013…new challenges. new doubters…Im ready. We are ready. see u all tomorrow and everyday after that”


  1. Andrea says

    Justin. Your going through a rough time.
    But I didnt know you and Selena broke up.
    You inspire me, And this is too far. I dont like this idea at all. You will lose your fans. And Benjamin loves you he wants you to notice him , he looks just like you and wants to be JUST like you. But I dont want him to end up smoking weed or pot. So stop please. Thanks your fan Andreaa.

  2. Mike says

    Andrea, you’re retarded… He’s worth what, 50 million dollars? Rough time my balls. The hardest part of his life is trying not to look more like a woman every day.

  3. Kmiller says

    Justin PLEASE …. Stop this mess….. We love you too much to lose you this way….my little sister looks up to you and so do I ….. I want to be a singer because of you … But I can’t get my inspiration without you here on this earth….PLEASE….

  4. mimi bieber says

    Totally doesn’t make any sense what I’ve just read , his tweets weren’t to apologize or I dk what you saying, they r just simple tweets ’bout what’s gunna happen every year ; like for god sake We’re in 2013 and for your information that was totally not Justin that was a guy called Robin who looks exactly like him I mean we all can clearly see no Tattoos on his leg and the white girl nxt to him is called Debby I think , she’s Robin’s GF ;

  5. Idiots says

    Idiots, He is going to gain so many more male teenage fans, Smoking weed is a “Fad” and he’s going to do it. Ever thought he doesn’t want to be the idol of millions of teenage and young girls? Maybe he doesn’t wanna get called gay by teenage guys, Also..Weed does not harm you. Stfu.

  6. 1stonedscouser says

    could have said it better myself mate , andreas obviously one of those fucking idiots who idolise him , foolish bastards hes laughing all the way to the bank

  7. John says

    Kmiller,I’m not sure if what you said was a joke, but it implied he will die from smoking weed. The only reason this is so hyped up is because of bunch of immiture uninformed 12 girls in the effects of marijuana, which, is nothing bad,

  8. Ary Fairington says

    Just like every other celebrity,by the next 5 years,he will become a pothead.And nobody would remember him.Or they will….As the little pu$$y smoking weed….Don’t do it for the fans boy,do it for yourself!!

  9. lysha says

    wat the hell its one joint and i dont c how those tweets make him seem stoned just the media making something outa nothing

  10. princess punk says

    justin died?i was told by somebody but did not believe that,oh gosh this is painful bcos i was into him but if the guy i usually c aint justin but an imposter…then to hell with his body

  11. bieber babe says

    justin bieber plz don’t somke weed i don’t want you to die i love you your my idol i look up to angain i say i love- bieber babe

  12. Don't be ignorant says

    He wouldn’t die from smoking weed, you can’t overdose in it or anything. He can develop lung cancer but that’s from a long, long time of smoking and it has nothing to do with weed it’s the smoke.

  13. Anonymous :D says

    Good gosh! It’s his life! If he wants to be a stupid dipshit and throw away his future let him.

  14. Krystina says

    All those little girls are a joke. Shit, I’m 20 and for the longest time I thought of bieber as some little punk ass homo who looked like a chick. He looks hot as hell with that blunt hanging from his hand. He’s finally acting his age and living his life the way he wants to, not the way 10 year old girls, their parents, or the media want him to. So I say, bravo bieber! Keep tokin’ on the good shit. FYI: YOU CAN’T DIE FROM POT. There are no death related incidents linked to weed. So stfu.

  15. haley says

    Justin bieber is nothing but a dumb lil boy.. smoking weed.. really.. how dumb can he get.. plus he nothing but a mo fo player.. he dont belong here.. he needs to stop smoking weed or stop singing..