Justin Bieber Is Now The Proud Owner Of His First Mug Shot

Justin Bieber DrivingBarely finish one story about Justin Bieber and he is already onto his next screw up.? He is just the gift that keeps on giving to bloggers everywhere.? Like journalistic herpes.?

This time,?Bieber decided to get his underage drinking on publicly in a club in Miami.? That in and of itself is side eye worthy, but since he needed to elevate his terrible decision?making skills, he then sat his drunk ass behind the wheel of his car and went drag racing through a neighborhood.? And was promptly arrested.

Last night, Justin Bieber was in some nightclub called SET, partying it up with 3rd rate models and rappers.? This club must not have any “No shirts, no shoes, no service” signs around because the Biebs was in his go to ensemble of ass showing baggy pants with his pea nipples fully exposed.

Once Justin was done forcing the DJ to play his crappy records over and over again, he and his crew left and decided it was a good night for racing.? So, Bieber’s pay for hire friends and leeches blocked off some roads in a residential neighborhood so that Justin could drag race against some rapper named Khalil in his Lamborghini.? Inside Justin’s car was some Instagram model named Chantel Jeffries, who was seen here driving Bieb’s rental a few hours earlier.? Side note, what the shit is an “Instagram Model?”? Can you really call yourself a model if you’re basically just taking filtered selfies in bikinis and thongs?? Isn’t that just “Instagram Whores?”

Of course, the cops were called and both vehicles were immediately pulled over and searched.? Upon close inspection (aka, getting within 5 feet of the driver’s side window), it was super obvious that Bieber was schwasted and in no capacity to be driving even a Tonka truck.

He was ordered to exit the overpriced automobile and do a few sobriety tests, which he failed.? Instead of trying to get on the good sides of the cops, Justin just had to act like the privileged little rich bitch boy that he is and give the police a hard time.? Which turned out to be awesome because in addition to a DUI and speeding, he was arrested for resisting arrest.? Oh, AND his license was expired. ?Rack up them charges, dumbass.

So Bieber was handcuffed and hauled off to the clinker, where he got the privilege of having his first of I am sure many mug shots taken. And in case you still had any sympathy for him, he made sure to erase that when he said cheese.

Justin Bieber Mug Shot

Look at that shit eating grin paired with those glossy ass eyes.? It just makes you want to punch him in the face.

While being processed, the?male version of Lindsay Lohan?admitted to the police that he had been not only drinking, but smoking pot and downing some prescription medication.? There is no mention of the purple drank, but you know that is what the prescription medication was for.

Just a few days ago, Mama Bieber was begging us all to pray for her son instead of laughing at him.? Well Patti, I will take you up on your plea.? I will pray.? I will pray?that Justin gets locked up in a cell with an angry?career criminal named Big Bubba or Demon, and after a few nightmarish evenings, that his ass will be deported back to Canada.? Don’t forget Northern Neighbors, he is yours.? And after all this, it’s really time he goes home.


  1. Marlee says

    I totally agree he just an ass now and he should be punched in the face and sent back to Canada