Justin Bieber Loses All Potential German Fans

When TV executives get bored and can?t fill the space between repeats of seventies cop shows and the regional news, they need some sort of filler programming.

One of the easiest programmes to fill the void is the classic clip show. For every single painful minute, we all get to lol and omg at the fat woman who breaks a chair when she sits down, or the dog who chases its own tail.

Thanks to the internet, YouTube provides us with plenty of opportunities to get all sorts of laughs. Oh, how we can wince at fat people being sick at hot dog competitions in America and laugh at botched bank jobs. But most importantly, we can see famous people make tits of themselves! Justin Bieber recently did an interview for a New Zealand based programme where they asked him some quickfire questions. Questions that no normal person could get confused over. But throw in some geographical naivety, Justin Bieber accomplished just that.

Based on his not so common surname, it would seem apt that the New Zealand show equivalent to T4 would spend about 30 minutes thinking of some questions. After all, this isn?t a heavyweight interview. Who wants to know what Justin thinks of people illegally file sharing. WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT HE HAD FOR LUNCH SO WE CAN RUSH DOWN THE SHOPS AND EMULATE HIM!

Eventually, the interviewer asked a simple true or false question about his surname. For any of his younger fans, that?s your last name. Asked about if it translated into the German word for basketball, Justin Bieber uttered this response:

So, erm? yeah, inside his insulated little pop bubble, this young Canadian hasn?t got much knowledge apart from America which is bolted onto his own native land. However, we do have to be semi fair to be him. After the initial gaff occurred, Justin Bieber went to the press machine that is Twitter and said:

“Because I thought this interviewer in NZ said ‘Jewman’ instead of ‘German’.?

That old chestnut has got us so many times – the two are so subtle that it reminds us of the confusion when people say ‘potato’. However, it didn?t help that Justin Bieber looked at the question card for clarity.

If Justin Bieber can?t read then we immediately call for him to return to school. That way, his terrible records can?t be unleashed on the public. The only downer being that is that he?s twelve years old. So he can only come back and terrorise us more.

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  1. byeber says

    lol as if he thought it was “jewman” – he was totally looking at the presenter’s notes

  2. says

    hello just want to say I’m your biggest fan and I know this has been my biggest dream to meet you when you give a concert aver good haha I love you justin biber are my life and I hope someday to meet you ok I love you =) adios

  3. Jodi Hanson says

    This happened a long time ago. I could not understand that interviewer either. Give the kid a break.