Justin Bieber Killed By Illuminati In Car Crash And Replaced By Lookalike

There’s been reports that Justin Bieber has been in a minor car accident this week while driving around in a Ferrari in Los Angeles. Even the police have confirmed that the pint-sized popstar was in an accident.

The official line is that there was no injury or damage to the car according to the authorities.

However, we’ve uncovered some shocking news that the young singer has already passed away and replaced by a reckless lookalike. There’s lots of concrete evidence to support this too, if you know where to look. It would appear that Justin Bieber is dead.

First off, there’s the change in his personality. For a while, Bieber was as wholesome as can be, but recent reports show Bieber to be brattish and quick-tempered. It’s obvious that the split with Selena Gomez is a result of the young singer not being able to cope with this new imposter, unwilling to tow the record company’s line on this.

There’s long been rumours that the original Bieber was being forced to take oestrogen pills in a bid to maintain his boyish charm and thwart the advances of puberty. Have you noticed how high his voice remained, despite being a teenager?

It could be that the pressures and hormonal imbalance caused Bieber to end his own life?

There’s suggestions that he could’ve been killed by the illuminati. In Bieber’s song, ‘Baby’, backmasking reveals a series of sinister messages declaring war and professing to be evil.

It’s obvious that the original Bieber – a good Christian boy – would not have been happy with these messages, enabling the illuminati to kill him and replace him with a lookalike who is more willing to hide messages in song.

Bieber has also taken time to praise various rappers, with a particular penchant for Tupac. Of course, it is suggested that ‘Pac was killed by the illuminati, which Shakur predicted before his death in the song ‘Killuminati’.

He rapped:

“I’m comin back like Jesus, bow down to my ill nation”

As well as:

“Yo Makaveli they can’t stop you”

This is clear reference to Niccol? Machiavelli, a man who faked his death.

The Machiavelli link is even more sinister. If you take the name Niccolo Machiavelli and mix up the letters, you get “a chic vanillic mole”.

In terms of some perhaps faking his death to escape the clutches of the illuminati, we need to look closer at this. ‘A chic vanillic mole’ refers to the fact that Bieber is incredibly popular right now (or, ‘in vogue’ or ‘chic’) and very boy-next-door safe for consumers (or, ‘vanillic’ if you will). The mole is a reference to Bieber’s surname – which comes from the Bavarian for ‘beaver’. The mole is widely regarded to be the land-dwelling equivalent of the beaver, which brings us to a clear indication that Justin Bieber’s death, or perhaps faked-death, was predicted many years ago.

Bieber’s willingness to praise Tupac was clearly the young singer whistle-blowing. Examine his lyrics and you’ll find more clues to his death (faked or otherwise).

“I never thought that I could walk through fire, I never thought I could take the burn. I never had the strength to take it higher, until I reached the point of no return.”

This, taken from the chilling Never Say Never, is backed up with more clues.

“I never thought I could feel this power”

Is this ‘power’, the feeling of release that Bieber would feel once he ‘dies’, in a bid to escape the clutches of the illuminati? He goes on:

“Like David and Goliath, I conquered a giant, so now I got the world in my hand…”

The lyrics then go on to talk about landing on the moon – perhaps a nod to the lunar conspiracies which are inextricably linked to illuminati activity?

This feeling of power is also mixed with a clawing sense of claustrophobia. In Down To Earth, he sings:

“The walls are closing in on us”

In Runaway Love, he notes:

“I’m running out of time…”

Even Bieber’s album is titled, ‘My World 2.0’. A clear indication that this is a second, ‘updated’ version of the popstar. Was the original Bieber killed off or disappeared before it’s release? You only have to look at Justin to know that there’s something awry here.

As you can see in this young picture of Bieber, he looks completely different to the way he looks now. The cheekbones are more defined. His hair is a different colour. He’s started to wear sunglasses in an attempt to throw fans off the scent. Did Bieber create the Shawty Mane alter-ego to try and continue releasing music from ‘beyond the grave’?

We’ve been asked privately, not to share this information. We feel it is too important to keep to ourselves. And sure, you may dismiss this as the ramblings of a lunatic, but hecklerspray has been working tirelessly as a team to uncover the sinister truth behind Justin Bieber.

There’s clearly shadowy forces at work. How else can you justify is incredible influence and popularity in the world? We will continue to investigate this and, of course, you dear reader, are invited to conduct your own lines of questioning as we work toward getting the truth out about Justin Bieber’s death.

Justin is dead man, miss him, miss him. Are you a true Belieber?

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  1. Bee says

    This is so dumb. I believe in a lot of the conspiracies around the illuminati but this is ridiculous. He looks the same, his face just got thinner and more defined as he went through puberty and then got a hair cut. He acts differently because he’s grew up, your personality changes a lot from the ages of 15 to 17/18. This is just silly.

  2. Daniel.Z says

    no, it not so dumb. illuminati is real, you have heard, or seen their style of taking pictures, and i have seen justin showing off his hands like that. he is a teenager who wants to get noticed, rich. why won’t he be a member of the illuminati club. so get over it BEE.

  3. Daniel.Z says

    what kind of God are you thanking? is it the God in heaven, or, i won’t even call him god, i will call him satan in the lake of fire!!.

  4. naruto says

    Bieber looks so different in the pictures. The original picture has a black dot on the left cheek which is actually justin while the other one doesn’t have so i think justin has been replaced. illuminati is real!

  5. BJ says

    one can clearly see the difference in his picutres. wake up & smell the dam roses ppl the illmunati is very real.

  6. says

    it’s not real it’s fake .. shitt
    if that is real .. why justin bieber. is on lime in twitter.. :)
    he have also a tweett

  7. erin says

    Do you guys really, honestly believe that JB is dead? That just sounds so silly. What proof, or hunches,or any evidence do you possibly have to back up those thoughts.
    And I know the illuminati does exist, and are an insideous,moneygrabbing, Satanic, and purely evil group. And their image is everything to them. Without it they could not function. But even so, I don’t know if I can believe this one. What would be their motive-including his real family,mom,dad,grandparents. His family would have to be more than just sick, they’d have to be evil.

  8. Justinbiebersbiggestfan says


  9. nikky says

    there is no doubting the Illuminati existence but JB’S change in appearance and popularity is an act of maturity and success. pls stop spreading rumors about his death it only shows how well u wish him and is DEAD too bad you feel that way cus he has done nothing to you

  10. SyKraS says

    illuminati or no illuminati it shouldnt get u this scared if you believed in god and had faith you would not be this frightened, I am muslim and this illuminati or satan for that matter doesnt bring fear to me at all, Its because I have faith in islam and Allah, so illuminati is a temptation for me to head astray, but I would like to know is justin really dead, by that I mean is he confirmed dead by the police,docters etc

  11. Aqeef Hilman says

    Well i hate bieber but…Since u say that he is fighting the Illuminati just like Eminem Dre and Tupac…Maybe i should believe u

  12. alex says

    if you look at the spots at the side of his face and then look at the 2d one there arn’t any there ether he is wearing make up XD or he has been illmunati

  13. says

    This is so weird…I don’t like Justin Beiber but I don’t hate him either. Anyways, I’m also Muslim so I have faith in Allah. I am sorry to say that the part about the evil messages in songs frightened me, but now I have realized that the person who created this websiite has a terrible sin inside of them. If he is dead, why does he still post stuff on Twitter? If he was dead, why isn’t it all over CNN and LBC and MSN and everything else?
    S.M.A.K.K.D (my initials)
    a.k.a. Sisi

  14. leanna says

    First of all,the reason he looks different and sounds different and even acts different is because he hit puberty. Secondly,he created the alter-ego Shawty Mane because he has taken an interest in rapping. And the lyrics he used that supposedly ‘link’ 2 whatever he’s ‘hiding’ he uses them in his songs 2 express his feelings,not 2 give hints 2 us that he does all of that shit. This story is the most stupidest thing i have ever heard in my entire life!! why would they even think such a stupid thing???

  15. Ayame says

    This isn’t true. I checked Justin’s pictures both before and recent (December 2011 pictures) and his moles are still there. You can go look and check it out. :>

  16. Conspirasy kenua says

    What if the entire world acctually works like a conspiracy theororist thinks it does just image how fucked up EVERYTHING would be this is so immensely stupid its hilarious im sure the write also believes we never landed on the moon or that kennedy wasnt assassinated he is just runing things as a dictator from behind the scenes i mean really how god damn guillible are u people

  17. LilacQueenofNubia says

    wow, just when you crazies couldn’t get anymore crazy. First off, Gomez is still with him, so that part is a lie. secondly, he got a new hairstyle, it happens. you people are idiots, sheeple who believe in whatever you’re told without an ounce of REAL evidence. Your so-called Illuminati is a ploy by the music industry to get people like yourselves to talk more about celebrities like Bieber, and drive his obsessive fans deeper in their devotion by defending him. That is the real truth, believe it or not

  18. Thisisbull says

    Ok, everyone who even considers this is most definitely lunatic, y’all are crazy. I accidentally came across it and This is Bull. Like obviously its a joke, theres no question about it, it’s 100% unrealistic and doesnt make any sense at all. It doesnt matter what religion you are or if the illuminati are real, justin bieber wasnt replaced. I cant even take it seriously, i laughed at everyones comments. What world do you people live in? Like holy fuck, your insane for taking the time to write this story. And you can’t call me a troll, you people just aren’t normal. And it freaks me out. Your all waaaaay too gullible. Get a life.

  19. thisisbull says

    Okay and he looks different cuz he got older, it happens to everyone. Ive seen people whose appearances have changed from pubert way more drastically then justin. And theyre freckles not moles, theyre teeny tiny and your not always gonna see them in every pic. especially in ones taken in the sun or from a distance. And if jb died.. you cant find a lookalike 2 secs later. Youd need to advertise that to the world in order to find someone, and youd never find someone who looks close enough to resemble him. Open your eyes people and face the facts.

  20. Killuminati says

    Open your eyes, there’s evidence everywhere. The music industry is controlled by the illuminati. Have you seen all of the Devil signs and the backtracking messages? It’s even in the Bible. The New World Order is the truth, believe it or not. From this I reckon you’re one of the ignorant fan girls who can’t handle the truth even though it is right in front of you.

  21. ez says

    FAKE! Of course satan and stuff is real (I am a Christian)… but Justin is a Christian. He wouldn’t do that. The messages in the songs are faked too, they barely sound like what they are supposed to say. If you play anything backwards you can find all sorts of words in them. And then changes… I don’t look very much now like I did when I was two! Come on guys, its part of growing up, changing your style, hormones, all that stuff is normal. Plus, there has been MANY rumors of celebrity deaths and barely any are true, so why should this one be? Also the look alike? NO ONE could look THAT MUCH like Justin Bieber that it could fool the world, I mean, come on… are you serious?!
    I respect Justin, and love him with all my heart and I hope none of this is true!

  22. Ezzam says

    I totally agree… He GREW UP, and everyone thinks this is some kind of miracle!! Wow, these people are dumb…
    Justin Bieber is a Christian, therefor, probably (or definitely) not Illuminati!!

  23. Ezzam says

    LOL, moles can get removed you know!!
    And how can any other person look THAT MUCH like him, that it would fool the whole world?!

  24. thatguy says

    Plenty of good well meaning have sold their soul to the devil to get famous and be recognized. His rise to fame was something that was to good to be true, it was so fast. Look I’m not saying that he was replaced, but if you dig deeper and do some research, look up Dave Chapelle talking to wannabe actors, that’s scary, its not straight up said, but he does say that there’s something going on. He may end up turning away, as soon as he does something they don’t like, you’ll see him have some sort of arrest going on for possession of something

  25. Abdul says

    Why u all wasting ur tym and doing this shits, is justin a prophet? The world wil soon end and everyone wil b one. I dnt care who celeb re, fuck them, i do wat brings me to earth, worship God. Thanxs

  26. Amneesty says

    Why u all stressing amd worriyng urselves? Is justin a prophet? I dnt gve a damn bout celebs and who they are, 4k them’all, i do wat brought me to d world, worship.

  27. I.b says

    I don’t bloody care if justin b is dead or… Not. But the truth is the illuminati are ready to do anything, their are evil.dis so called jb is totaly diffrent from the other one, no matter how you grow up, you will stil be you.just two years diffrent.white men can do anything. I don’t know why we nigeria’s even listin to there music. Fuck them all.

  28. nero says

    I may hate justin beiber but he didnt deserve to die, if this is true …then i hope that the real justin beiber is safe, no one deserves to die

  29. skido sky says

    all this things are not true he had an accident fine but never died common sence is not common lets try an reason

  30. zaila says

    god cm soon if it is true that justin is dead sombody shoot me now and if not smbody give me a gun cause there is a dead illuminati walking.justin get out now bfore its tooooooooooooo late

  31. Killing Klownz since 79 says

    DAMMIT BOYS, if this man is still spreading the horror of untalented nightmares than someone wake up that Illumanati official!!! Im surprised so many death threats have been set, but no one has the guts to kill him.. This war might wage much longer…

  32. says

    What if all the celebrity death hoaxes that have spammed the web were in fact real? It’s the age of the clones, listen to George Green talking about all the presidents being cloned since like 1938. How bout the Paul McCartney hoax same thing back then, died in a car accident and Beetles songs and album covers are riddled with clues, It’s the Illuminati way, it’s so out there it must be absurd so they flash the truth in movies and songs. Notice all the small time young musicians trying to make it big and having untimely deaths. Maybe theses artists didn’t want to conform declined the illuminati invitation, posed a threat and were done away with. It’s huge. Check out Charlie Sheen and how his clone destroyed his career on 2 and a half men. What about all the clone movies, Arnold stars in one. (or maybe his clone did) Britney Spears was even posted as a joke that all her songs and backmasking and videos portray two Britney’s- watch Lucky. They say she was decapitated. Lindsay Lohan, her behavior. Bill Cosby, faced death hoaxes supposedly and comes out looking ten years younger if a little chubbier. What about Nick Minaj, claiming this dude comes into her and makes her do things she usually wouldn’t. Mr. T. where the heck did he come back from lols. The web is riddled with these hoaxes so when someone searches ‘Britney Spears died’ you have to pine through hundreds of misleading hoaxes to find the original hoax beginning. Or they repeated the hoax in 2010 now 2012, after their clones are well on their way. Usually clones almost act the same as their counterparts, for their memories have been superimposed on their minds, yet there are subtle differences and sometimes outright crazy winning stints. remember? “My name is Legion for we are many…” What’s up with Beyonce, what’s up with all these hand signs all the celebs are flashing. Watch for the red bracelet famous people ware. Charlie Sheen straight up talks about killing everyone that breathes and that he’s a Rock Star from Mars, nobody appreciates and how he shoots fire out his fists, etc. Even Bill Cosby get’s uncharacteristically straight up mean, talking about Donald Trump running for Pres. How bout the Obama clone that is much more calm and collected compared to a lively Obama. Adam Sandler of all peeps! Dead, These guys are mostly all dead cuz clones were easier to destroy. When a person starts resisting being controlled, the media makes them look like fools or on drugs. Charley Sheen was drug tested though he looked like he’d been mething it up. Britney Spears tried to fight back, Britney’s clone was fearful for her life in a lot pics after she shaved her hair, an act of ‘rebellion’ She didn’t want to be “handled” anymore, the term used for being possessed somehow. Oh and that Justin Timberlake was in the car with her and is still in a coma today, this car accident decapitation reported after her “hit me baby” video happened a long time ago when she was 16. Her clone has been here ever since. How bout actors, Jonny Depp wares a red bracelet.

  33. Icaaa says

    its helping me so much! i know!
    i always believe him.
    he such a good idol! he is thankful!
    he is christian!
    i believe he’s not a member of illuminati!
    c’mon haters, get a live!!!

  34. Bukky says

    The illuminati is very much real i know dis as fact…d extent of their activities would leave u terrified…yes most succesful folks out dere ae part of em….fans of dis pple hd better watch out…..i dont knoe how true dis is bt is it possible?..Yes,very!

  35. PeeJay says

    Omw…. I was laughing all the way!!!! Well… Fiction is fun… This was fun.. Funny… But a load off boring bias fake crap =)

  36. says

    Justin was not killed he is stall alive and breathing thats just a rumor if you don believe me go a head and believe the rumors and the way his face changed and his voice because it a little thing called puberty.

  37. DON says

    so u sayin his hair changed due 2 puberty…..u not making sense…think it both ways

  38. says

    Maybe he is dead or something because it explain all the changes of justin beiber, and he was against illuminati, his songs are changing and not for the better, he’s really different, and also you know that a lot of people look like justin beiber maybe it was just about time they replaced him with a look a like, you never know, if the illuminati doesn’t want you to spread good, they take you out, I do believe that maybe he is dead

  39. Sophie says

    Well I’m a huge bieber fan and i do believe in the illuminati, but justin bieber? Sorry but no. the the messages in the song sound so fake. Edited. I know illuminati is real. A horrible satanic group , but justin bieber is not part of it. Enough said (:

  40. mina says

    i hate justin beiber and ive been plotting to kill him for yrs sooo… YIPEE AN HATED RANDOM LOOKALIKE! but i strongly beleive this as ive studied the illuminati for 6 yrs and the facts r there…

  41. Kyle says

    The illuminati did this shit to paul in the beatles, listen to the subliminal messages on the song “all together now” backwards says “i buried paul”

  42. Aryahna says

    He is not dead because I have pictures then and now he has beauty marks and they are all in the same place and he actually died his hair brown a long time ago and it is starting to go back to his original hair color so you need to shut your mouth…

  43. BiebersNotDead says

    Justin Bieber is not dead, get through your thick head. Your tryna brainwash us so we could believe he is dead.He is not so u can go sum where in a hole a die! He looks the same he was a baby since ‘March 1st 1994 12:56am ‘ there is no one that look that much like him he has no twin.SO HOW ABOUT GET OFF UR ASS & DIE.He went through puberty, dyed his hair,&grown up what u need to do.He is still the same sweet crazy loveable boy from ’08 and ’09 , our KIDRAUHL not kid raul look alike. So bite me and biebers ass ,STOP BREATHING BELIEBERS &JUSTINS OXYGEN &Die in a car crash ,haunt me if you want don’t play bout JUSTIN DREW MALLETE BIEBER cause he isn’t dead. Point.Blank.Period – U better recognize(:

  44. Sarah says

    Some people in the comments are taking this article WAY too seriously. It’s just a joke. Just like “Paul is Dead”, this is just meant for shits and giggles. RELAX.

  45. Justin Bieber says

    Aye Guys Uh, This Is The First Thing I Saw When I Searched Justin Bieber…

    Y’all Really Think I’m Dead And I’ve Been Replaced?…

  46. Joe says

    illuminate is a boogus conspiracy made out to scare the gullible. This look alike most likely doesn’t exist Bieber is still the original Bieber people fangirl over
    changes in music, voice& personality is evidence that he’s what? 18 now and saw that it’s time to grow up plus the fact he went through puberty just saying

  47. jlev45 says

    Man your comments have just made my night. All of u guys. But she’s right. There isn’t a perso that looks just like the little dude. Impossible. Just rediculus. Illuminati real. Beiber dead. Far from it. Him joining forces with them, only a matter of time.

  48. Lord Cjay says

    Who carez if JB iz dead!! Letz 4get abt d stupid topic & fink abt our own lifes…lets work our future out or the evil people will do it 4 us! Gosh! Everyfin iz so weird….jb iz nt dead….jez a trash say from ass holez dudez

  49. zeegal says

    illuminati or no illuminati we will find out on d last day clone or not lookalikes or not which ever way u r not God u dnt no d heart of men so ha nd der

  50. charllote says

    uumm ok i do agree that justin is goin thru puberty but waht is this mambo jambo about his death???….why not provide evidence by gettin pictures from whoever was investigating the crash,duhh im sure if his really dead than someone might have a picture of the body..if not den,why dont u all just stop trying to trash an aspiring artist..GET A LYF

  51. STFUAndListenNOW says

    look yall, wen illuminati kill n appoint a clone, ur body doesnt die! its the good spirit withn u takin alng w/ it ur persnality …eg. hw dd Beyonce die? in a simple car xplosion at a video shoot tht dint evn hurt her! its not JB’s fault, so dnt get mad at nobody bt da iluminati…he may have nt knwn that…so da best is nt 2 argue or xchge mean words bt PRAY FOR JUSTIN!

  52. serenade says

    What you all u shud know is da?????t diz artist are chosen as pawns coz dey can easily get 2u faster thru ur love for them.fact da?????t U????? love dem,don’t make dem good or doesn’t mean U????? shud b blindfolded.if U????? keep ignoring diz truths,U?????’ll only find out at d end dat U are just as condemnable as they are coz U????? support dem.whether its d real beiber or not,just know da?????t dere are many things happening presently of which we don’t know of.anything.all we need is God’s guildiance.diz is clearly d end times

  53. ToddAndChips says

    Never say never. HUR HUR HUR! Seriously though, this is the worst article I’ve ever read in my entire life.

  54. Angela says

    Just like all of the other fake “christian” stars. Bottom line is, you will know them by their fruit. How many tattoos does he have already? And, he’s not even 21. Don’t believe the hype that Bieber is a real Believer in Messiah. His actions tell you who he serves………….the god of filthy lucre, lucifer!

  55. JP says

    Lol fake. What are all you beiber fans so butthurt about? It’s obviously a prank just to make bieber babies freak out & cry. You should’ve known it was a prank ever since they wrote ‘there was no INJURY or damage to the car’ now how can a CAR get INJURED? Duh! If this was REAL, they would’ve written it correctly. And for the sake of sanity, learn proper grammar & spelling!

  56. cuty says

    most people dont change he even looks more thinner he is illuminati,when bieber was 16 at the begging of the year he was muidem at the end of the year he was waaaaay muucchh taller like 3 inthes taller,HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?

  57. says

    justin bieber is a christian so none of this dumb staff are true whoever made this website is the dumbest person in the wolrd

  58. Nemesis says

    This is hilarious. Celebrity worshipers vs. religious hysterics. I hope you both put an eye out…

    Has it ever occurred to you that maybe you’re being deliberately provoked? Like maybe, these musicians especially, get online and see all of this fretting over the entertainment industry? They see a bunch of doomsday cult Christians talking about “devil music” and figure “hey, if I can piss them off…I’ve got my target demo!” Because of course your kids will love everything you hate. That’s their job, to constantly struggle for independence and to create their own identity.

    I don’t totally dismiss the Illuminati/Satanist thing…I know about Michael Aquino and Aleister Crowley etc. But you guys go way overboard. You start reaching after a while. You paint the picture of an unstoppable juggernaut, that basically the only way to truly escape spiritual decline is to move back into a cave and avoid all modern convenience. Because supposedly, EVERYONE’S in on it. McDonalds, DuPont, Disney, Chef Boyardee…you name it, it’s “the devil’s tool.”

    And this is just one of 7 fucking trillion other conspiracy theories online. And many of them have their own villain in place of the Illuminati. Like Nazis had the Jews to scapegoat for every single thing that ever went wrong, and Stalin had the Ukranians and the Cossacks and later, again, the Jews. Franco was ahead of his time, I guess, because he was concerned about Masonry and outlawed it in Spain…but his “devil” was communism and liberalism.

    I just came from a site that was talking about evil Christians censoring them, which was just as laughable as when anyone else says it in this country. Anyone can make any case for anything and they can name anyone as the antagonist responsible for all of your woes. It’s easy. All you need is a computer and an I.Q. above room temperature.

  59. Nemesis says

    How disconnected are you from reality?…”love him with all your heart?” Shut up. You make me sick. Fucking celebrity worshipers. Fucking Jesus freaks. You’re all looking for a scapegoat, go look in the mirror

  60. Kill_JB says

    you know? justin bieber’re a big noob when I see it, I vomited direct, and when he sings? I had a heart attack O_o justin bieber’re only a noob who sings with his hand on his *******-_-

  61. Justin Bieber Supporter says

    this is a load of crap.. do you really believe that beiber is dead.. i dont belive that he is in the illuminati but is a tool for them .. he is signed by (L.A reid who is using him to get his satanic messages across. anyway there is a word for all these changes in his voice and looks… Puberty!!!

  62. Shannon says

    And the scariest part of it all is that so many people think this article is serious. D: Don’t get me wrong, ‘chic vanillic mole’ is a pretty terrifying phrase too 😛

  63. Obvious Troll says

    I believe no true benevolent god can create such an adhorent demon spawn born of such an abomination. One that darkens the earth wherever he treads. But two? To create two shrieking morons possessing the souls of good people is just too cruel for anyone to think of.

  64. Ninja says

    this is bull blieve wat u wanna but unless ghosts r real and his ghost goes to twitter and facebook for him hes not dead. and hes soooo christian like almost every1 knows that look it up

  65. Logitech says

    Sounds like some of the worst gossip in history.
    Last but not least, can’t you people leave the cussing out of the letters?
    Not, to mention some of the stuff that sounds like threts of violence.
    You people have something that can be fun on this web page.
    Why try to ruin it?
    I say clean out the trash and have some fun.
    This page was created for you people to have fun so, why not keep this a clean page?
    Why can’t you people talk with out all of the trash?
    Why can’t you people keep the violence of threts out of the picture?
    The gossip is the part that can be something that is fun as well as funny.
    Why not keep things gossipy, fun and funny?
    Get rid of the cussing and violence and threts and have tons of fun.

  66. Tut both says

    Illuminati or the so called satanic society will pay dearly with their lives. Jesus is coming and if the illuminatis knows how cocroaches are spray or burn, they will be burn the same way for the evil they are comitting

  67. henry says

    what are the illuminati”s doing to our superstars for christ sake am crying for those that are still in the pit of hell after all this unjust killing

  68. marie says

    they can make clones..they pretend to be appalled by all the child molestations, etc. they torture children all the time..check out donald marshall..illuminati dishrag/torturedoll on facebook…or donald marshall group. They can do it in ontario too.

  69. xwizzwaw says

    thiz dude ix great xo dnt judge it wrongly mayb he ix an illu bkoz of the xignx he perfomx bt i dnt bliv koz ppl change according 2 xtagex nw he ix a grown up a gentle man .am 18 en av expirienced changex .

  70. karen says

    clare is right i mea people grow up u don’t just stay a cute little boy or girl…….come on people use the brains.

  71. Tanya Biggest Belieber says

    This is totally ridiculus, the guy is not dead Gosh, what a lie…whoever made this up is stupid,selfish,idiot,foolish…this is just some site were they wanna make money out of LIES!!! but illuminati is true though..

  72. BELIEBER says

    OMB! if you people actually believe this you need so serious help. like no joke. People grow up and change you cant expect Justin to look the same forever. JUSTIN BIEBER is not the Illuminati leader. you people need to grow up and find something to do with your lives instead of sitting online writing bullshit stories about people who are better than you. smh.. I think its kinda funny how every person you retards say is apart of the Illuminati is a celebirty. kinda strange dont you think…. quit hating on people! no one needs it in their life. GROW THE FUCK UP!!!!!!

  73. Shay says

    You’re some what right about every thing but that jb is dead like lol I’m not a jb fan not at all but that’s so fucking ridiculous that even a non fan will be like wtf is wrong with you but on brainwashing and the other you’re 100% right on that

  74. moffat says

    i dont know whether justine bieber was killed by illuminati or not coz i dont hav any full evidence on such an issue.stil more i lyk justin bieber

  75. nicky gomez says

    you guyz should stop with this Illuminati thing!!!! sometimes human love interpreting things…although its not true buh you’ll always want to bliv everything you hear but that’s not the case you don’t even have a proper evidence,Justin is not dead… n anyone who says that without good evidence is an imbecile….that’s pure nonsense !!!!!

  76. malory says

    Just cause we think hes part of the illuminati doesnt mean we hate
    him ..i think his part of it cause all his signs in his music
    And hes new tattoos i study the illuminati so i know aloy
    about them and hes total part of it

  77. Soul says

    Kanye West was also a Christian (Jesus Walks song). But if you look around, you’ll see that the Illuminati has gotten to him.

    But I do think the idea of him being killed and replaced is a bit silly.


  78. lizy says

    this is bullshit!!!! fuck this illuminati shit whatever!! i swear to god if its true ill go out there and say some shit about them!!! wanna kill me go for it but ill tell u, you have no fucking clue who iam ill make sure that u all go down and burn in hell for saying this shit about bieber look for me i dare you!!! bieber is not dead!!

  79. ThisIsAllTrue says

    WHY DONT YOU GROW THE FUCK UP??! Its fucking true bitch! Dont wanna believe? I don’t give a fuck, your just blinded by all the bullshit they’re using to sidetrack you!

  80. ThisIsAllTrue says

    EXACTLY!! I can’t believe people are so blind! They can’t see all the obvious signs!

  81. nene angel burrows says

    well hell yeah u may be showin off with ur popularity and all dat but u are a big time illuminati so fuck off bitch

  82. bieber for evaa says


  83. POOP says

    THIS IS STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Gabby says

    That is totally bullshit how can he be dead abd be replaced just like what u said about Beyonce it is bull!!! Why do you have to make up a story just fucking get to the point and say he is worshipping satan!!!!! Let go of the fucking lies geez the crap u people come up with omw!!!!!!

  85. Gabby says

    That is totally bullshit how can he be dead and be replaced just like what u said about Beyonce it is bull!!! Why do you have to make up a story just fucking get to the point and say he is worshipping satan!!!!! Let go of the fucking lies geez the crap u people come up with omw!!!!!!

  86. Hannahbaby says

    Poor boy
    I feel like he’s not dead
    But I feel like as of recently he’s byn receiving a lot.of hatred from.his fan base. Yea the shitty attitude he’s putting up doesn’t help. But maybeee since just a few days ago he said “I thank jesus christ for all of this” on.stage at a awardd show on.national television and seemed very sincere that what he was once involved in (illuminati) he is doing his best to get away from And maybe that’s a huge reason.for

    all the recent hatred hes receiving
    Maybe the cult is taking his power away
    And effect away Just a thought

  87. wakeup says


  88. Zach Heinz says

    ALL RUMORS HAVE SOME SORT OR ROOTS/TRUTH TO THEM. Don’t believe for one second that the Illuminati isn’t real. They are. Get over it. The fact is that in this particular case it is ridiculous to say that he was replaced. What the hell is wrong with you people. Seriously. WAKE UP. What is wrong with you?? Do you believe everything on the internet that you see? It may seem true enough but it is very easy to skew things in your direction on the internet. Just saying. Stop acting like children.

  89. Dear the illuminated says

    The illuminati is real and ran by pop stars like jay z. Kanye. Beyonce. They r targeted be a use they r powerful people with money and can take advantage of ppl in our society due to their social status I doubt he is actually dead even Jessica Simpson had an interview about how the illuminati told her what to do sing and even had encrypted messages in her songs just as other rappers and actors and even basketball look @ LeBron he has 3 6’s on his uniform front back and on his shorts u can also just u tube him and during the national anthem he throws up hisjhands making sixes in each side and his jersey a six in the middle the illuminati is real and theu are powerful as far as being replaced idk but it is possible everything is up for interpretation but to belive that the illuminati isn’t real or Justin isn’t apart of them isnieve

  90. just me says

    Wtf people illuminati shit r real but jb is not dead he is being controle by evil spirits by tht I mean erbody in the game is EVIL, me myself r a lil wayne fanatic and I know he is evil ass hell but fuck that shit don’t evan look at the wrong shit that’s what the devil wants he wants us as young people to notice him but fuck that I’m looking at JUSTIN BIEBERs talent that’s most inportant that’s was He’s young dream also so all of yall stop talkin about moles is thre and all that the boy got money he can remove it when he wants y tha fuck r uc so on this shit…

  91. who cares! says

    Hey “ThisIsAllTrue”……Yo mamma needs to wash your mouth out with AJAX! I agree, JB is not the same little twink from when he started out in the biz but chill on the language a bit!

  92. Freespirite says

    I don’t believe this because like belieber said people grow up so there faces change a bit. It never says bieber is the illuminati leader, work on your reading. You’re the one who needs to grow up. Your insulting people for being open minded and who have the balls to question the unquestionable. If you do your research and you’re smart enough to interpret what your reading and connect the dots, you’ll notice that something is off about celebrities and Hollywood and the whole world that we live in today. Before you insult people and go on a rant, get smart.

    Bieber is famous because girls think he’s cute. His voice is okay but has nothing different or outstanding about it. I could find someone who sings way better and has a special something about them around the corner. Illuminati hand pick celebrities who can be most influential to the public. Sorry to tell you bielebers but you are all under a mind control and you are clueless to what music and T.V. does to your mind. Wake up!

  93. Freespirit says

    Bieber is in the illuminati but he didn’t die. It’s the same guy he’s just growing up and having a break down because he’s falling out of the spotlight and his fan base is getting smaller. Bieber, like most celeb’s, are puppets.

  94. Freespirit says

    Sorry franklin try not to be to angry with me but there is no God and there is no Satan. Months of research. On the bright side, there is no such thing as death. Our bodies are vehicles.

  95. Freespirit says

    Belieber you need to get out of this mind control state that your in. You show clear signs of someone who is mentally suppressed. Thisisalltrue, don’t believe everything on the internet. I have researched this before there is no real proof or not enough proof to say that the real JB is died. But I won’t count it out completely.

  96. Freespirit says

    Illuminati is real and they have technology that is way beyond are years. Decades ahead. If the real JB is died, they most likely cloned him.

  97. Freespirit says

    Justinbiebersbiggestfan you are either mentally suppressed or to obsessed with celebrities aka: JB. If you refuse to ask questions and want to continue to be a clueless pet, it’s your life.
    Everyone needs to stop being so angry over the smallest things. That’s were the government and/or those in charge ( those beyond, wont get into it) want us. They don’t want us to be spiritually awaken because we (humans) reach our highest point (God like, we are the gods) because we become a threat to these beings in charge. Humans are worries we are predators and they want to keep us a slave race. Sadly people like Justin Justinbiebersbiggestfan, are helping their goal and doing nothing to break out of this matrix.

  98. Freespirit says

    SyKraS don’t be to upset with me or don’t pay attention to my comments at all if you want but all the religions in the world are manipulated. Some religions worship the same god or the same stories and don’t realize it. Religion is a way to control humans and create conflict in the world. However the fact that your not afraid is a good thing. These beings who are in control and created the illuminati hundreds of year ago, feed off of negative energy. If your happy and not afraid and have good feelings, they can’t hurt you mentally and emotionally has much as someone who is a negative, angry person. The illuminati is just a mask for the real handlers. Their (negative alien race or races, multiple alien races are involved in our world) workers or puppets to help put their game into play.

  99. Mbali says

    Ehmmm u y do u say God is nt real I don’t like that ok I love God very much if u wwant to be JB then be like him and satan is also real but I’m nt saying that I like no I don’t I love God and u should start to believe okk kapish

  100. Nadz says

    #Fact: JB is in the illumati!!
    Everyone knows that! But regarding whether he died and was replaced with a lookalike is not certain. However the facts provided support that he may have been replaced with a lookalike. However, people do change. They dont remain the same forever. But this may be what members of the illuminatiare known for. I mean, yake a look at Miley Cyrus?? Isnt it strange how she has changed?? Whether he’s a lookalike or noy doesn’t matter! The thing is dat he is in the illuminati and when yur a member, the oddest thing CAN happen to be TRUE!!

  101. Nadz says

    Justinbiebersbiggestfan you dont need to become so supportive of JB. you dont’t even know him personally so dont trust someone you dont REALLY know!! Remember that!!

  102. Nadz says

    So wat??!! If JB was dead and replaced with a lookalikedoesnt even matter!! Its his life and money! Not mine! So why should i care??!!

  103. alex says

    Thnk u stop hatin if there is God there is also Satan i m nit sayin there is no illuminati bt nit everi bidi who is makin money nd enjoying life ir changin during puberty look is in illuminati for crying out loud who gives a shit jst understand d song in your own way or don’t listen to it nd stop hating

  104. Perspective says

    I love how people equate branding, marketing, and image-control with Illuminati conspiracies… These celebrities will do ANYTHING to stay relevant and continue to afford their expensive lifestyles so they go through radical changes to do that. The people questioning his mole are the funniest… Any dermatologist can remove a mole. I had a mole on my nose that was removed. Now I do not have that mole… AHHHH! and I look very different from when i was 15… OMG I must be dead and replaced by the Illuminati… Oh wait no I went through puberty, grew a foot, and lost the baby fat it’s this crazy process called growing up. This guy has been meticulously groomed by stylists, nutritionists, and publicists since he was 14. Of course his image is COMPLETELY manicured and “fake”. Even the behavioral changes are 100% normal. How is a 14 year old baby-faced singer not going to change after he grows up, gets mega rich, and feels like he has the world on a string. News flash: money + power + fame changes people. Most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read and yet the site accomplished it’s only goal by making all of you crazies comment.

  105. mike says

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  106. Shania Debra says

    Well Justin is a christian, everyone knows that. But that doesnt always mean that he couldnt be a member of illuminati aswell. He could still tell everyone that hes a christian and secretly being a member of illuminati. No offense beliebers, but you gotta know perfectly what you love, and make sure that what you love is right for you, and remember to always put God as your number one in life. I also love Justin, so much. But i still would rather put God as the first most important thing in my life.

  107. D.r Hawkinza says

    I don’t belive… This because he has an mole on the right side of his cheek I.e on da first picture… N after growing up his mole changed to the left side. See da 2 and picture clearly… U will see his mole on the left …. Hahaha nonsence,the 2nd guy is not beiber….

  108. justinisreal says

    Justin is not DEAD you motherfuckers!!! Stop lieing justin had make up on that photo… So stop this SHIT!!! NOW

  109. Littlemisscheryl says

    Its weird… I can’t believe the old JB is dead… I miss the old him so much but the new one has a bad personality. Ahhhhhh! Its just so weird…

  110. Avril Varon says

    Justin bieber is Not Dead and The Dot on his Left arm is he’s tattooand how come he can tweet on twitter and also her mom?

  111. belieber101 says

    Stop hating on Justin he did not die and is changing life is a part of growing up right so stop da hate n long live jb ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  112. belieber101 says

    Stop da hate n long live jb I’m a true belieber n it obvi da person who wrote dis has sum against jb n I’m wit ^Avril varon jb is alive …
    n on the backwards version of his songs its obvi u took parts of him saying those words in Interviews so get it straight

  113. Gbear42 says

    This is crazy, but..I would bang either one of thoses Justin Bieber in the butt hard