Justin Bieber is the Worst Saturday Night Live Host Ever

bieber-snlJustin Bieber was beyond horrible as the host of Saturday Night Live.?A few of the sketches were moderately funny (despite his participation in them), but my problem with?Justin … as a rule and emphasized on SNL …?is that he tries way too hard to pull off the sexy, intense,?”Hey girl” vibe … and watching it makes me feel like an unwilling?pedophile.

Yes, I do understand that they were playing up that angle on SNL and it was supposed to be funny … but it wasn’t, and the reason is because he clearly believes that’s who he is and how he’s perceived. Sadly, however, it’s only suburban, white girls, aged 10 to 13,?who actually do perceive him that way.

And lest you misunderstand me … I have nothing against suburban white girls in that age group … I used to be one …?it is possible, however,?that their opinions are terrible.

The sketch everyone’s?talking about is the Miley Cyrus Show, in which?Justin, in full nerd gear,?plays the president of Miley’s fan club. It gained attention for two reasons. First, in a hilarious twist, the character played by Justin makes fun of Justin Bieber (get it? it’s funny because he’s making fun of himself … so clever!) calling him(self) a douche and saying that he looks like a lesbian. (He also says that?he heard that Justin still has his baby teeth, which is actually kind of funny.)?Then … and this is the biggie … Justin, as Miley’s nerdy superfan, says:

?I also heard [Justin Bieber] got busted for smoking weed and he?s really sorry about it and that people make mistakes and he?s never gonna do it again.?

He’s owning his mistakes like a big boy! Luckily, the police were not there to arrest sweet little Justin after that clear admission of his weed-smoking past.

One skit that had some potential was a spoof of Grease’s Summer Lovin’ scene. A gaggle of girls surround a poodle-skirted Cecily Strong as she sings about her new beau, while the boys egg on Justin as he sings about about his new chick. The premise was funny, but it was ruined in the last few seconds when Justin broke into unnecessary and self-indulgent, full-on R&B vocals, that had the afore-mentioned 10-year old girls planning their dream weddings to him and everyone else on earth changing the channel.

The funniest parts of the show (other than Weekend Update, which is always hands-down the best part of the show) were a sketch that had Taran Killam playing a Will Ferrell-style, doofy older brother to Nasim Pedrad, and a sexy Valentine video segment. The Valentine one wasn’t really funny overall … again due to the misguided attempt to capitalize on Justin’s sex appeal … but at one point Justin takes a photo down his pants and says “Check your email Hillary Clinton.” That’s funny.

This must have been a rough weekend for little Justin, bombing on SNL and then being shut out of the Grammies. Poor kid. I do feel badly being harsh about him because he does seem sweet. But I’m truly grossed out when he tries to act sexy. I don’t want to see his abs … I’m sure they’re lovely, but I’m just not interested. At all.




  1. Ambra says

    WHAT?!?!?! He was great my dad loved it! And u know what go sell this shit to someone else cause no ones buying this! He was HISTERICAL!

  2. Raven says

    I love Justin and I don’t think he’s that kind if guy I think sweet, kind, honost, and my favorite HOT

  3. Belieber says

    Justin Bieber was amazing. I’m sorry you’re jealous of how sexy & successful he is. Just did an amazing jobs. Hate may win some battles, but love wins in the end. By the way I’m a senior in high school 17 and I love Justin Bieber. So do most of my friends, sorry you’re stuck in 2009. Barely any of his fans are 13 and under. Check yourself

  4. Katy says

    I would just like to say that I actually enjoyed watching this episode. I found it to be one of the best. Sadly, I am not a suburban white girl at the age of 10 to 13, but I am a fan of SNL. We all have an opinion, and this is mine.

  5. thatgirlrae says

    I am a fan of Justin Bieber, I wouldnt consider myself to be a Belieber nor do I profess to having Bieber Fever however I think he is very talented. I thought he did a great job and I find him very attractive…he is sexually appealing to the girls within his age range, I myself am a 21 year old black female and I would hit that. Just saying.

  6. Chlamydia-May says

    How dare you? HOW DARE YOU?! Your comical piece expresses opinions that differ from mine! How can this be? What cruel, unfeeling God would allow this to happen in a world of his creation? LEAVE JUSTIN ALOOOOOOONE! WAAAAHHHHHHH!!!
    There. I told ’em. That should shut the internet up.
    p.s. I am 17 so that makes me a proper, big growed up and not a stereotypical, squealing tweeny pop fan. Apparently.

  7. Joe says

    Right on sistah!

    He’s a tool being handled by an even bigger tool [usher]. SNL has had a lot of boring hosts over the years but this i’m gods gift to women douche bag brought it to a new low.

    I laugh at the fact that all the comments say he was fantastic, great, blah blah blah. I feel sorry for all you’re brains, it must be boring in there.

    I look forward to the day when him and the rest of the auto-tuned artist hacks are yesterdays news. The fact that this “singer” wasn’t even a blip on the Grammy’s radar gives me hope that people are finally realizing the crap we are being force fed needs to go away.

    His crash and burn is coming and soon everyone will be embarrassed of their just bieber posters, signed shirts, itunes downloads, the nights you laid in bed fantasizing about him while touching yourself, and will be on to the next thing you are told is good.

    Sheeple amuse me.

  8. Kailea says

    Wow, just wow…. OK so my mother AND father both liked it and they are hard to get laughs out of. Maybe some of it wasnt that planned out or maybe he messes up a little but seriously? He was really good and I thought it was really funny. Even if it wasnt him playing in those skits they wouldve been funny.

  9. Audra says

    Haha I need to concur. It was terrible. I am putting in my 2 cents to even out the ratio of opposing comments. You nailed it. Justin Beiber is really good at playing Justin Beiber. That’s about it.

  10. Sir Hammerlock says

    I must agree with you, old chap. He is clearly going for an over the top approach, that would be funny if he was. But unfortunately he is rather an adolescent douche. There is my opinion, take it or leave it. Good day and I shall see you on the ‘morrow.

  11. BeeperBooperBoober says

    Dear Justin

    I love you You love me
    We’re a happy family
    With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you.
    Won’t you say you love me too
    I love you You love me
    We’re best friends like friends should be
    With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you.
    Won’t you say you love me too
    I love you You love me
    We’re a happy family
    With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you.
    Won’t you say you love me too
    I love you You love me
    We’re best friends like friends should be
    With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you.
    Won’t you say you love me too

    16 yr old Canadianbabe

  12. kayleigh says

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  13. kayleighbeiberonedirection says

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  14. kayleighbeiberonedirection says

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  15. heather says

    dont talk about him like that i love him so much and he is everything to me i love him so much justin your amazing

  16. JAY says

    Bieber spend the whole time making fun of his fans and trying to remember his lines. It was LAME. There was absolutely nothing that the kid didn’t botch. It is funny because didn’t he have a month plus a one week of on site preparation for the show?

    Bruno Mars and JT were awesome. THey definitely saved SNL. I missed out on adam levine but I’m sure the ratings and numbers had to be better than dweeber

  17. adriane says

    It is funny…I know for a fact he stole one of the jokes from an online comment board. Kind of lame. Didn’t even do a shout out for credit. Just like justin bieber to steal credit for stuff he didn’t come up with.

  18. Swede says

    He is Terrible, worst ever, and he can’t sing at all !!! Worst ever dude, Lorn, what were you thinking?????