Justin Bieber Is the New Justin Timberlake. And That’s Not a Good Thing.

justin bieber and justin timberlake

Justin Bieber is undeniably reminiscent of a young Justin Timberlake. In many ways, Bieber seems to be on the same path that led Timberlake to become who he is today: an annoying asshole.

From the R&B bullshit shtick to the diva behavior, these two have an uncanny amount in common. The only major difference, really, is that Bieber’s hair is slightly less ridiculous than Timberlake’s back in the day. Let’s examine the similarities.


The first and most obvious similarity between these two is that they both have “swag.” I’m not quite certain what “swag” is, to be honest, but I think it’s something along the lines of looking like this:

Justin Bieber Got Swag

Fedora? Check. Cool jacket? Check. Sexy facial expression? Well, he’s trying. And so did Timberlake. Remember when “Justin Timberlake” and “dumb fedora” were synonymous? Here, let me jog your memory:

Justin Timberlake in a fedora? Get out!

Couple their style with their falsetto rap singing, and they’re basically the same person.


Alright, I’m not saying the Justins are ugly?they’re certainly not. They’re perfectly fine looking. But Jessica Biel? Selena Gomez? These ladies are dimes, and what I’m getting at is, both of the Justins are lucky enough to date ladies who are way more woman than they are man. I mean, let’s face it. In the real world, there’s no way this picture would happen:

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in Happier Times

Or this, for that matter:

Jessica Biel is way hotter than Justin Timberlake


Both Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber have been groomed to be the loveable, charming “It” boy of their respective generations.

How people perceive them this way is beyond me. From Bieber not knowing what “Germany” is to Timberlake wearing a denim suit on the red carpet?I’m not sure why the public finds them so goddamn loveable.

Hipster glasses

Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake Hipster Glasses

At this point, I think it’s safe to assume that Justin Timberlake is Justin Bieber’s Looper.


Despite being America’s sweethearts, these two have a more subtle reputation of being complete assholes. I say subtle because the stories of their asshole behavior are usually cleverly buried. But remember the time Justin Bieber threw a little diva fit on an airplane? And then on the set of CSI? There are a slew of other instances that involve Bieber throwing a temper tantrum, but all he has to do is say, “swag,” and we all seem to forget the fact that he’s a little turd.

Then, last year, Timberlake was leaving a “Friends With Benefits” party when he found the elevator to exit full.? Did he wait, like a normal person? Nah, he decided to have everyone who was on the elevator removed so that he could get out of there a little quicker.

And that’s not the only diva behavior exhibited by Timberlake, not by far. He’s known to be quite the demanding asshole when he’s not in a good mood.

But perhaps that comes with the territory. Either way, Bieber is clearly on the path to becoming the next Timberlake. It’s great for him?he’ll break into film and marry someone way out of his league. But for the rest of us, this is not good news.


  1. Tell it says

    Ok. Your article sucks. Don’t put Justin Timberlake in the same sentence as the little punk. The only similarities other than first name is the fact that the little twerp is living off the sweat of JT’s back. The little beaner wiener has stolen every creative idea of every person that has come before him. That does not make him an artist…just another Con.

    Timberlake was always a man. Beaner wiener will always be a little (soon to be bald) boy. Like father like son.

  2. Maria says

    Ok first of all they arnt asshole, and second they got a lot more talent that who ever wrote this!!! I think that they are talented and just got a lot of haterz that need to stop hating!!!

  3. Hans says

    There’s a lot of hate in this story, don’t even know why I finished the piece.
    I’m guessing the writer was hangover or something when he wrote this…

  4. Laura Hawkins says

    You could not be more wrong about JT. Did you raise the most money of any celebrity for charity in 2010. J t did. Annual charity concerts. Ecological golf course. Awesome songs. Good acting. You sound jealous. Find positive outlets for yourself. This one is a waste of time and simply slender.

  5. Griffin says

    You are just a jealous POS – Timberlake net worth >200M and Bieber’s net worth is >145M in which both net worths are climbing daily.

    This is why YOU are a complete AH!!!!


  6. iki says

    JT is an ugly little stupid immature boy- he screams at the top of his lungs when he sees a spider, puts “his woman” infront of him to defend him when someone wants to slap him in his face (because actually his woman is manly looking, damn! lol), doesn’t know how to give intelligent interviews, but no wonder, he has zero brains lol poor creature – please everybody who thinks he is a man doesn’t know what a real man behaves like and looks like – certainly not like this little loser here called Timbercheater lol he is just a total loser lol

  7. Karamba says

    Can we all agree that Justin Bieber is more of a man than Timberfly is and will ever be? Hey, remember the wedding picture: he was jumping on Biels head it seems hahaha and please does everybody here remember the video he and his wify and all his wedding guests made fun of homeless people??? Very classy indeed lol And please please don’t compare the talentless manly looking Biel to Selena Gomez! Selena has brains and a heart and looks like a real woman but Biel?

  8. Mr. I Like Potato Chips says

    Lol @Timberlake always being a man. You sound like a older version of what Beibers fan will become. Even more delusional in adulthood than they were as teeny boppers. You say Beiber is living off the sweat off Timberlake’s back and Timberlake has been living for years off the sweat of Michael Jackson’s back. What’s your point? This article doesn’t suck, you do.