Justin Bieber Confirms Brattishness By Punching A Cake With His Tiny Fist

We’ve been telling you all for ages that Justin Bieber is a jumped-up little brat. Most didn’t believe us (who could blame you?), but now, his CSI co-star, Mary Helgenberger, has dished the dirt on the little shit’s stroppy behaviour.

Helgenberger, who plays Catherine Willows, has had a pop at the amniotic popstar after being left distinctly unimpressed with the way he acted on-set.

This all comes on the back of a whole bunch of events that underline Bieber’s snotty attitude. He’s been scalded by staff on a recent flight, been seen flipping the bird at photographers, treating his fans with disdain, causing a ruckus in a holy place, allegedly cheating on his girlfriend Selena Gomez and now, worst of the worst, he’s punched a cake in the face.

Mary told all to a French radio station, saying: over her thoughts towards Bieber, leaving her to admit that during his time on set, he acted childishly.

“I shouldn’t be saying this, but he was kind of a brat”

“He was very nice to me, but he locked one of the producers in a closet, and he put his fist through a cake that was on the actors’ table.”

Cake charities all over the world have been outraged by this news.

Katherine Shawcross of ‘Cake Respect Action People’ tweeted:

“This appalling behaviour has no place in modern society. Bieber should apologise now”

Later adding

“How would this little berk like it if a cake punched him in his barely developed nut sack? THE MOSTER”

So why did Justin Bieber punch a cake? Sounds like he was having some kind of tantrum to us, which is not surprising given that the singer is roughly 80 seconds old.

Of course, this will be terrible news for his legions of screaming fans who have been under the impression that Bieber is the greatest human who ever lived.

We await the inevitable leak of some tapes which see him berating his suffering staff or slagging his young fans off.

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  1. Joe Momma says

    It’s the only thing he could of beat up that wouldn’t lay the smack down on him. His next challenge; Bieber and a vanilla pudding in the UFC Octagon! Vegas Odd give the pudding 2 to 1 one odds to beat Bieber.

  2. Aniestin says

    He’s not cheating on Selena
    and he’s going through pressure and he’s working hard

  3. CatWhisperer says

    Oh my gawd, will someone please take this little asswipe down?! Jeeeeez. And BTW, Moffy, it’s Marg, not Mary. But its ok, you are understandably upset by the news that YOU guys are getting Charlie Sheen to your great & wonderful country! So sorry for that. :)

  4. Now that's says

    Now that’s funny.
    I’d bet a little more if it was chocolate pudding at 2 to1.
    Someone needs to beat this little ass clown down besides his fans.

  5. Yeah, you tell them says

    You’re right, in order to cheat on Selena he would have to disengage his thumb from his mouth. And he has been working hard, I understand that he’s just graduated to “big boy” pants and may soon be housebroken. Congrats Beiber!