Justin Bieber is a Closet UK Conservative?!

Justin Bieber

From the WTF files comes this strange story about Justin Bieber. Apparently he’s engaging himself in UK politics, like all Canadian tweeny-bopper pop stars ought to, because really, what else are they going to do with their lives?

And the way he’s chosen to do that isn’t by talking about how young people should go out and rock the vote, or anything, because that’s far too conventional.

No, instead he’s doing something different. He’s actively supporting one party – and one that seems to be incredibly out of touch with much of modern society and by definition, his fanbase.

Bieber donated a meet-and-greet package to the Conservative party in the UK, who are the sitting party of government. This past week a significant number of their members of parliament decided to vote against a decision to allow gay marriages; they’ve also done a whole bunch of other things that aren’t exactly friendly to Bieber’s 16-24 year old fanbase.

Which is what makes Bieber’s support of them quite so puzzling. It’s not that fans of the Canadian singer can’t be Conservatives; it’s more that you generally don’t think ‘active political activism’ when you look at Bieber.

The prize was worth ?10,000 to someone dressed in a tux at the Conservative’s black and white party. So incredibly close to the political bone was the prize that it was awarded at the auction by David Cameron himself, who is the Prime Minister of Britain.


And it’s not like this was some sort of open-to-all party: tickets just to get into the party, nevermind to buy some of the prizes at the auction there, costs ?1,000.

But this all seems to be some sort of mix-up, according to Universal, Bieber’s label. They thought they were donating to the government-backed GREAT campaign “to help spread the word globally about the UK’s culture, heritage and creativity”. Not so fast, said the Conservative party. They’ve been wrong about a lot of things, but this time the politicians believed they were in the right.

David Cameron

“The Black and White Party is a Conservative party fundraising event,” said a Conservative party spokesman. “The tickets and access to Justin Bieber were donated to that event. Universal were aware that the money would go towards Conservative party campaigning.”

OOOH BURN! So what does this mean? The logical conclusion (ha!) is that Justin Bieber is anti-gay marriage, based on a lot of Conservative beliefs. Was this just an epic fail on the part of his PR people or does he actually hold a torch for the Conservatives?