Is Justin Bieber Becoming a Sloppy Mess?

Justin Bieber shirtless

The curse of the young child celebrity appears to have struck again, knocking down loveable/hateable (delete as appropriate) Canadian pop star Justin Bieber. And boy, are some of his fans pissed.

You see, Bieber manages to lure in an audience that is best described as pre-teen. A lot of his listeners are 8 or 9-year olds who can’t really tell that his music is largely dross, and they simply like him because he appears to be an inoffensive muppet.

That’s fine when you’re squeaky clean and full of beans. But when you turn up two hours late to a gig that’s meant to have started at 8.30pm, your audience is going to be dog-tired and angry.

Which is what happened on Monday night at the O2 arena in London. Bieber, who has been partying pretty hard in London (even steeling himself through the cold weather that’s happening here to go shirtless on the streets at yon time in the morning) managed to somehow miss his call on-stage, and didn’t turn up for a while afterwards.

Needless to say, some of the kids had to go home because it was a school night, and those who stayed managed to drum up enough pre-teen vitriol to boo him as Michael Jackson’s songs played over the O2 PA system.

Fans can be fickle, you know. They aren’t always going to be by your side supporting you. And worryingly, this latest escapade isn’t the only strange thing that the Biebz has done. Maybe he’s losing it. Maybe he’s becoming a sloppy mess.

Justin Bieber smoking weed

Consider this, for example (courtesy of TMZ). Exhibit A! Justin Bieber at a party in January, holding what is either a very nicely rolled menthol cigarette or is a big fat spliff. Smoking weed isn’t really the example you want to set a bunch of teeny boppers, so Bieber had to really grovel. And he did so via Twitter (in a typically Bieberish way, where he talked around the issue, proper grammar be damned):


everyday growing and learning. trying to be better. u get knocked down, u get up.

All isn’t right in Bieberland. If you’re the most famous pop star in the world (arguably), you should be able to have a great time on demand. Dedicated partygoers will be lining up to have a fun time with you! But not so for the Biebz. In fact, maybe the vapidity of celebrity is getting to him. His birthday was just a few days ago, and when some of his underage friends couldn’t make it into the club he wanted to go to, Bieber extolled on the virtues – or lack of – of such a life he leads:

Worst birthday.

Maybe he was driven to drink by his “worst birthday”? Maybe he’s growing tired of the screaming kids, and the pressures of looking right? Either way, everything’s not right in Bieberland, and he’s running the risk of becoming a sloppy mess.



  1. Goldielocks1942 says

    Bieber is a pig and can’t sing at all. I saw him on some show trying to sing with only a guitar accompany and he was worse than awful!

  2. Alexis_Ssssss says

    This kid is headed for disaster. His antics are becoming worse & worse & he’s alienating his young fans without understanding he doesn’t have any older fans.

    He’s a combination of immature & not very smart to begin with & having all that money has spoiled him so much he’s out of control.

    It’s easy to see why Selena Gomez had enough of this fool & walked away.

    Best thing for him is to take 6 months off & decide whether he wants an actual career or whether he just wants to be another headline seeking junkie for the rest of his life.

  3. Keia'rah "Kiki" Mayes says

    This author is painfully bias and disrespectful to Justin Bieber and all Beliebers out there. He is rude and unjustifiably grotesque . Everyone makes mistakes, especially 19 year old boys with an unlimited amount of money. Think about it Justin Bieber is at the age where most kids are in college and what is college known for? Partying,exactly. He is in the stage where he is trying to find himself and let all his childish acts go. It doesn’t matter that he is a celebrity. Being a celebrity doesn’t mean you automatically become perfect and you don’t make any mistakes. Justin Bieber is also known for doing good that others his age and older won’t do. He has visited several hospitals and talked to cancer patients worldwide trying to help and be an inspiration to others everywhere. He also took a young fan with a sporadic brain cancer and flew her to him so that they could hang out and do television and she could live her dream. Also skyping her and doing everything in his power so that she could be happy. So if you are going to criticize him make sure you tell the good stuff too because he is not some drug addicted, drunk kid who is destined to fail. And P.S. nobody speaks correctly all the time on twitter. Thank you. Get your facts straight sir. And to everyone who keeps talking negatively about him remember this verse from the Bible “He without sin cast the first stone”. Now tell me how many stones you can throw now.

  4. Keia'rah "Kiki" Mayes says

    How is he a pig ? Tell me the last time you sang and how good you sound in the shower?

  5. Jacob says

    BIEBER IS A FAGGG. there are more than 1/2 the haters out there now and to ya girls, tell me if you still love him after 10 years..he’s a mess

  6. anthony collins washington says

    leave the man alone you cant determine if someone is headed for disaster everyone has a faze where they try drugs or just do things he is a grown man f*** the media

  7. mikaela says

    everyone shut up. think about your life. you have problems dont you? and what do u do? you go to your family, friends etc. have u ever embaraased yourself and not wanted anyone to know about it? yeah well for this kid that doesnt happen..he does something the world knows…he has a problem eveyrone hears about it…how would u like that to be your life. so until youve put yourself in his shoes dont judge him. im not saying he hasnt screwed up but havent we all? so shut up and leave him alone.

  8. mikaela says

    when your perfect lemme know then ill let you judge him. til then shut the f*** up

  9. Edward D Salk says

    First things first Justin: Stop presenting the fact that you’re available to take a pen0r up the Pooper…be learning..if u get knocked down with ur pants below ur ass ur not getting back up…and most of us want to see you that way simply because there’s nothing “artistic” about acting like a retard.

  10. Atouk says

    If the talentless little boy is evil, why are you here following him…. hmmmm???? Also do do some more math: God + Jesus + Bible = Mythology. If you believe in Hell, please take a trip there.

  11. Atouk says

    You know, I don’t respect Bieber for a moment. He was a little boy that made a lot of money for certain people who capitalized on him.

    But, for you to call him a fag or FAGGG (Jacob, just come out, it gets better) means you either buggered him or he buggered you, otherwise how do you know he’s a fag or FAGGG?

    If you say you have no personal knowledge of Justin’s buggering habits and are just using the word fag or FAGGG, then would it be fair of me to call you both c unts? I could let the world know you have very tiny penises, about the same size as a clitoris. Of course I can’t prove any of this but unless Mr. Beiber has left you walking funny, you should really improve your vocabulary. C unts!

  12. toastyann says

    Sure, everyone makes mistakes. But a 19-year old is expected to know basic courtesy–like, oh, I don’t know, showing up for a concert you’re due to perform in on time, driving responsibly so as not to endanger people and property, etc. Those are pretty simple basic courtesies, and I cannot understand why it’s so hard for a 19-year old to follow.

  13. ThePinkKirby says

    He shouldn’t have so much money, especially if he’s being irresponsible.