Jonathan Ross Made Kelly Osbourne Hysterical?

GreenpillsAs if not being funny anymore wasn’t enough, it seems Jonathan Ross can now add ‘First Class Git’ to his increasingly disposable CV.

That Tonight With Jonathan Ross show has just gone from strength to strength in the last few weeks, hasn’t it? Where do we start? Nicole Kidman (DVDs) looking uncomfortable? Ross doing impressions of the Crazy Frog? The opening bit where nobody knows when to laugh?

According to Sharon Osbourne‘s interview with The National Enquirer, Kelly Osbourne "lost it and became hysterical" after Ross implied she had been "airbrushed" for her new single’s publicity shots.

"That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. We were all really frightened." added Sharon in tears "We didn’t know what she might do. So, we decided that Kelly needed treatment."

Good old Jonathan Ross and his funny voice. After last week’s near-paedophilic interview with Charlotte Church (CDs) it might be an idea if he stays away from young girls altogether. Stick to the radio. Deaf people seem to like him there.

Kelly Osbourne (CDs)
has been all over the press recently concerning her battle with painkiller addiction. Though this issue appears less a problem associated with being a pop-rock star and more to do with just being, well, a normal human being.

"They’ve always made fun of the way she looked. But this time around it seemed worse than usual to her and she could no longer cope with that.

We don’t know if Kelly Osbourne was airbrushed in those pics or not. We can guess, but we’re not going to.

Jonathan Ross, on the other hand, we know is a twat. Though we’re still not 100% sure if that constant touching of his tie during interviews is the result of a latent Attention Deficit Disorder.

Suppose it wouldn’t hurt to ask him though.

[story by Chris Laverty]