Jon Stewart Verifies That Hugh Grant Is A Huge Asshole

Hugh GrantJon Stewart, host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, outed actor Hugh Grant as the worst guest ever to appear on his show, and stated that he will “never” allow him to return.

This may?seem like a harsh stance,?but please take a moment to remember what a douche Hugh Grant is. For a spell, he showed up in every movie, playing variations on the same character, and occasionally being arrested for getting BJ’s from hookers. Then he more or less disappeared … only showing up in public now and then to grumble or father a baby or testify about one thing or another.

As an American, I can attest that we all quickly lose our pants for?English accents, but all of Hugh’s shuffling and twitching on screen is excruciating to watch, and in real life he comes across as a smug, effete asshole.

Jon expressed his opinions about Hugh last week in a performance with fellow Comedy Central host, Stephen Colbert.?The two comedians were participating in a fundraiser for the Montclair Film Festival, in which they sat in front of an audience and just chatted, covering a wide range of topics and evidently putting on a very entertaining show.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert

During the conversation, Stephen asked Jon who his worst guest was and Jon did not hesitate to name Hugh.

“He’s giving everyone shit the whole time, and he’s a big pain in the ass. ? And we’ve had dictators on the show.”

Hugh appeared on The Daily Show in 2009 to promote the truly horrible movie “Did You Hear About the Morgans?” in which he co-starred with Sarah Jessica Parker. Evidently, behind the scenes?Hugh objected to the film clip that had been provided to air along with his interview, to which Jon responded:

“Well, then make a better fucking movie.?

The actual guest spot?isn’t as strained and horrible as you might assume after hearing Jon’s criticism of Hugh, but they clearly don’t?connect. Hugh is moderately witty at times, but his general?demeanor is very off-putting. I, for my part,?am firmly on Team Jon.


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