Johnny Depp Jams With Aerosmith, Is Coolest Man On Earth

Johnny DeppLast night, Johnny Depp joined Aerosmith on-stage to play guitar for two songs during their L.A. concert, just a few days after he played guitar for an Alice Cooper show. To my mind, this is?indisputable proof that?Johnny Depp is the coolest?man on earth.

Johnny?is incredibly handsome, even at 49 years old. He’s an amazing?actor.?He plays guitar. And he owns an island in the Bahamas. That makes him just about perfect in my book. Sometimes he?goes a little heavy on the accessories and I worry about what he might smell like, but I can overlook those things if necessary.

Throughout his career, Johnny has maintained that music is his first love and that he fell into acting while trying to make a name for his teenage band, The Kids.?In addition to this past week’s two live performances, over the course of this year, Johnny has?played?guitar with Marilyn Manson, with Aerosmith at the Hollywood Bowl, at the MTV Movie Awards with the Black Keys, and?at a Tom Petty Tribute Festival, to name just a few.

I’m not personally a fan of Aerosmith,?Alice Cooper purely for the kitsch value, the Black Keys are okay, but that’s not really the point. The fact that Johnny hangs out with them, that he’s good friends with Marilyn Manson with whom he has recorded as well as performed on-stage, when he could be hanging out with fancy-pants bores like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise, is a sign that he far exceeds the normal bounds of celebrity awesomeness.

Johnny Depp playing with the Black Keys


  1. TEGA says

    I completely agree. I never admired any man more in my whole life, not even my ex-husband who I was with for 20 years. P.S. I hear he smells pretty good.

  2. crelen says

    He is so freaking talented and beautiful and so cool.Just a fantastic human being!!!LOVE HIM SOOOOO!!!