John Cusack Has A Stalker?!

John Cusack StalkerToday is John Cusack's 40th birthday, and he's got himself a handy dandy present – John Cusack appears to have his very own stalker, and he's just filed to get a restraining order slapped on her.

Look, are we the only people that find all this a bit weird? It's John Cusack, for crying out loud. What on Earth is he doing with a stalker? What does she do, stand in his front garden yelling about how much she liked Pushing Tin? Write him threatening letters about how she'll kill him unless Must Love Dogs 2 is immediately rushed into production? Break into his house and make him watch Con Air more than once? Actually, if that last one's true, she's earnt that restraining order. Nobody deserves to watch Con Air more than once.

The world is stuffed full of celebrities. Seriously, we heard that there are so many celebrities about that people can actually buy magazines that only contain pictures of famous people. Weird. Anyway, our point is this: if there are so many famous people in the world, why would anyone choose to stalk John Cusack? He's not as famous as, say, Tom Cruise, or as good-looking as Brad Pitt, as as good an actor as Al Pacino. And nobody could honestly say that they enjoyed Serendipity enough to choose to start stalking the bloke out of it.

But, for whatever bizarre reason, John Cusack seems to have picked up a stalker, and he's not so pleased about it. He's seeking a temporary restraining order against a woman from Los Angeles who has been showing "unusual interest" in him. According to court documents found by E! Online, John Cusack's stalker is Emily Leatherman, a 32-year-old woman with no fixed address. John Cusack accuses Leatherman of:

"Stalking, throwing long letters of interest over [his] fence in bags with rocks and screwdrivers inside, making unannounced visits to offices of people [he works] with in an attempt to meet [him] and listing [his] address as her own during a recent address… Mail addressed to her has been arriving at [his] residence without [his] permission. [He has] never met this person."

John Cusack alleges that, while his stalker has never committed or threatened violence against him, she has caused him emotional distress by promising to hurt herself if he doesn't meet her, and wants her to stay at least 500 feet away from him all the time.

What's Emily Leatherman to do now that she can't follow John Cusack everywhere he goes putting a letter and a screwdriver in a bag together and hurling it into his garden? Well there's always the choice of watching The Ice Harvest over and over again on DVD, although we're sure nobody likes John Cusack that much.

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[story by Stuart Heritage] 


  1. Ron says

    I think you underestimate the man’s appeal. Plus he’s in Grosse Pointe Blank, one of the coolest films ever

  2. Ginger says

    hahahahahahahaha that was the funniest article i ever read in my life. oh, god, i just peed my pants. hysterical!

    But, i have to say, john may not be much of an actor, he has had his moments. I do find him more appealing than Brad Pitt.
    He’s not as cocky and to some women out there, that’s a good quality guy. I think sometimes he gets more of a bad wrap than he
    intends. Cut him some slack. But that was pretty damn funny. CON AIR…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

  3. bunny says

    I adore John Cusack he is very cool, ok his last few films have been poor but he still rocks!. I do think the article is funny though but I liked Con Air it was so funny…