Jodie Foster Is Now a Mrs

Jodie Foster wifeJodie Foster only just came out last year to the world, surprising the dozen or so people left who didn’t realize she was into beavers and Bermuda length shorts.? In her “coming out” speech, she made sure to thank to her long time girlfriend, whom she had recently cheated on, for taking care of their kids and calling her a “righteous soul sister” which I think means “world’s best stoner partner.”

And even while two decades and two children couldn’t make Jodie want to put a ring on it, she has decided to take that plunge with her girlfriend of less than a year. That has got to sting.


Jodie Foster, otherwise known as Mel Gibson’s FF (Frienemy Foreva!), is one of those rare celebrities whose personal life you don’t know a great deal about it.? For many years, the status of who she dropped her panties for was under question, and even though it was super obvious she more into softball players than baseball, she never spoke about.? She was in a special clear closet door?club with fellow members like Kevin Spacey, John Travolta, and Queen Latifah.? Even though everyone knew about her decades long relationship with Cydney Bernard, who’s been the joint caretaker of Foster’s two boys, she kept it hidden.

Then Jodie got caught getting greedy with her mouth all over some movie producer named Cindy Mort, and the relationship never recovered.? I mean, if you can’t stay faithful in a relationship you keep hidden from the world, you’re obviously doing something wrong.? And I am guessing once Jodie popped the Pringles can of crotch, she couldn’t close it, and her relationship with Bernard ended.

Now though, Foster has decided to take the whole being out and open thing up a notch and not only marry her current girlfriend, but tell the world about it.?? Over the weekend, Foster married Alexandra Hedison, a photographer that used to date Ellen DeGeneres back in the day.? Foster’s rep released a statement to E!?confirming it, even though nobody was really asking about it.

I can exclusively reveal that the Oscar winner and her photographer girlfriend of almost a year got married this past weekend.
A rep for Foster confirms the happy news.

As E! News first reported, the two started dating sometime last summer.

?It?s pretty serious,? a source told us in September. ?They?re totally in love.?

I am taking a wild stab in the dark here to say I doubt Jodie wore anything nearly as frilly and klassy and Kaley Cuoco’s Pepto Bismal dress. A practical pants suit and toned down classical music seems more of her boring taste.? Congratulation to the happy couple, and my condolences to Cydney that you stuck around for 20 years to have Jodie never go to Jared for you, and only?get mentioned publicly?after the breakup.