Jenny McCarthy Without Makeup

Former Playboy Playmate and wacky lady, Jenny McCarthy, parlayed her modeling career into a successful TV hosting and acting gigs. She is now a household name and is known for being an outrageous, sexy goofball (if there is such a thing).

There are endless photos and videos of Jenny McCarthy doing her darnedest to show off what the good-lord and Dr. Feinstein gave her. At the same time, she has a great sense of humor about her image and tends to make fun of this “sexy” side of herself. However, while doing this, she still has a ton of makeup on and she doesn’t have a hair out of place. So, one has to ask, what does Jenny McCarthy look like in her down time without any makeup on?

Jenny McCarthy Without Makeup

Surprisingly, she looks tired and a lot older. It’s almost as if this is Jenny McCarthy from a parallel universe and this other Jenny is a worn out, mini-van-driving, soccer-mom. Do you need a coffee, honey?

This is hardly the radiant, sexy, boobalicious Jenny we are used to seeing and the appearance of her sallow skin and suddenly plain features is jarring.

Jenny McCarthy No Makeup

This photo is clearly taken after her first meth binge. As you can see, Jenny is leaving a shady motel somewhere in L.A. While her hair still looks good, you can tell she’s had a rough night and the look in her eyes says, “There is a long, dark road ahead of me…When the hell is my next fix?!?!?”

Obviously, that is a joke. However, the contrast between her public and private image is so stark, you have to wonder what magician works for her hair and makeup team. Perhaps the magician could work his magic during Jenny’s off-time, as well. That way, we would all be fooled into thinking she actually got some sleep.


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