Jenny McCarthy Looks Hot at 40, But Still Outrageously Annoying

Jenny McCarthy Looking GoodLiving proof that gravity is no match for silicon,?six-time Playboy cover girl and New York Times best-selling author, Jenny McCarthy, celebrated her?fortieth birthday today.?While it’s hard to believe that sweet Jenny been regaling this lucky world with her?understated elegance?a full four?decades ago, you have to consider that her first Playboy appearance was waaaay back in?1993.

In the intervening 19 years, she’s accomplished quite a bit … all of it without a hint of?sagginess or shame. She got married, had a son, got divorced, wrote a bunch of books, posed naked a bunch of times, did a few movies, quite a bit of television, advocated for autism awareness, and dated Jim Carrey amongst plenty of others.Jenny McCarthy Birthday Halloween Costume

With her seventh book just released and her own talk show set to begin on VH1 in early 2013. Jenny has also begun writing a parenting advice blog and weekly “Ask Jenny” column for her hometown paper’s magazine, the Chicago Sun-Times’ Splash.?She tackles some big issues in her blog, like?how to be good mother even when you have PMS, and gives classic Dear Abby-style advice, including getting drunk and watermelon-flavored lube to spice up a dull long-term relationship.

In fact, though,?much of her advice is quite sweet, bordering on spiritual,?and not the raunch you might expect from someone who just went into great detail in her new book about?taking Ecstasy and getting it on with 13 other naked Playboy Playmates on a?beach in?Hawaii.

When asked about turning 40, Jenny seemed to have a pretty healthy attitude about it, saying:

“My mindset [is that]?40 is the new 15. Okay, fine ? the new 22.”

She celebrated on the eve of her big 4-0 with her sister (who is also a Playmate) at Gallery Nightclub in Las Vegas. Demure and classy as always,?Jenny sported a slutty cougar Halloween costume. (The cougar part is pretty funny actually, and she can’t very well?not do the slutty part … she’s Jenny McCarthy and she’s in Vegas and riots would start if she decided to be Chewbacca.)

Happy Birthday, Ms McCarthy! Hopefully you got all of your birthday spankings … and many more.