Jennifer Lawrence is the Perfect Woman

Jennifer Lawrence

I don’t know about you but I’ve developed something of an absolutely huge crush on Jennifer Lawrence. And I’m not ashamed to admit it and own up to this fact. The woman seems to have come out of nowhere to be the perfect embodiment of a cute, funny, slightly nerdy woman who holds her own in the world and does it with a smile.

In short, she’s perfect.

I think I realised this about halfway through Silver Linings Playbook, where she manages to sensitively portray a sex addict undergoing therapy while also making some laugh out loud moments. I’m still not sure why I went and saw it – it’s a chick flick, after all, with just the slightest nod to sports to make sure that boyfriends don’t feel too trapped when they’re dragged along to see it by their other halves – but I’m glad I did.

Of course, it was the whole thing called the Hunger Games that got her properly well known. Playing Katniss gave her the stratospheric popularity that allowed her to be a Golden Globe winner, and screw the haters.

jennifer lawrence

Yes, her acceptance speech – complete with slight dig at Meryl Streep – was a little klutzy, but there was no malice intended. Lawrence is just a slightly geeky girl who never took acting lessons and was being recognised as a really, truly great actor. She didn’t quite know how to take it. It’s like if I were to lean through the computer screen and validate you by saying you’re a hero and a testament to your community. All you’re doing is reading HecklerSpray in your pajamas eating Cheetos. You think you’ve done nothing. You’d probably insult Jesus or something instead of Streep.

Want more proof that Lawrence is just gawky and funny rather than malicious? Take the fact that she managed to salvage what was a fairly average Saturday Night Live this past weekend with a fully committed performance. She could’ve just washed her hands of it all and said “nah, this shit isn’t funny.” She could’ve said it was, and been fine. People would’ve believed her – the writing wasn’t great. But no, she gamely went on with it all.

jennifer lawrence

And that’s why she’s great. She isn’t snarky, or terrible: she’s just funny, cute and brilliant. There’s a reason why she’s been quite so popular in her movies – it’s because alongside being a great talent, she’s also seemingly a nice person. And that’s why Jennifer Lawrence is the perfect woman.


  1. JustADude says

    Are you one of the few people that still haven’t heard that Jennifer’s, “I beat Meryl” was a quote from “The First Wives Club”?

  2. Keiver says

    A crush on Jennifer Lawrence? Sure doesn’t look like it since you do not realize that said it “was” a quote from “First Wives Club” but chances are she prepared it knowing she competed with Meryl Streep and may win which is fine too.